'La Familia De Hoy': Alhambra family wins national competition to represent Johnson & Johnson

The Jimenez family, Alhambra residents for generations, is Johnson & Johnson's "La Familia De Hoy" — or "Today's Family." The Jimenezes won a nationwide competition in December sponsored by the health product giant to represent Johnson & Johnson brands in an outreach campaign to Hispanic residents.

Andres Jimenez and his wife Pixie with their children Andrea (second from left) and Danitza (right)

The multigenerational, three-household family says they entered the competition to spend time together, and answered in May some questions about the competition and what it was like growing up in Alhambra.

How long has the Jimenez family lived in Alhambra?

The Jimenez brothers — Juan, Andres, and Alejandro — were born in the L.A. area, raised in Alhambra, and still live and raise our kids here. We all attended Don Bosco Technical Institute. Grandma Neydi is originally from Merida, Yucatan in Mexico.

Do you like living in Alhambra? 

We're very proud to be from Alhambra. We look back fondly on our childhoods and upbringing, and were excited to give those same experiences and make similar memories for our children.

Do you feel like the Alhambra area is friendly to Hispanic families?

Absolutely. Our mother felt very much at home when she moved to Alhambra, and we always felt that the Hispanic community in Alhambra had deep bonds and roots.

What is La Familia De Hoy?Hispanics are the fastest growing population in the United States, yet live in a world of stereotypes and sometimes feel misunderstood. Johnson & Johnson took this insight and strived to find an authentic way to connect with the Hispanic community. In 2013, it launched La Familia De Hoy, an advertising and content platform featuring a modern and relatable multi-generational Hispanic family. La Familia De Hoy brings Johnson & Johnson brands closer to Hispanics.

Your family won a national competition to represent Johnson & Johnson as La Familia De Hoy. How did you hear about the competition?

Andres, his wife Pixie, and their two girls were out for a walk to get ice cream in Alhambra when they were approached by a Johnson & Johnson street team member who was looking for families to recruit.

Alejandro Jimenez and his wife Patricia with their children Liliana (left), Pablo (middle), and Leonardo (right).

Why did you want to enter?The first reason was because it was something we could do together as a family. The entire family. We also thought it would be a fun experience and a great learning opportunity for the kids, especially Juan and Biviana's older children, Elisa, 12, and Diego, 8. It was also very reassuring that the program was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, a well-known name in our household.

Fans had to vote for their favorite families online as part of the competition. What was that process like, and what did it feel like to win?

It felt surreal. Seeing ourselves on the Univision website and being featured on "Despierta America" and "Sabado Gigante" felt like we were in a dream. The other families that were part of the competition were very different from us and had many great qualities. We were definitely nervous because the competition was tough! In a good way, of course.

Winning was amazing. It truly was unexpected and a huge surprise. The competition was very close and we didn't want to assume or even think about the possibility of winning. It felt like a blessing, especially because of the support we got from all our friends and loved ones.

What is involved with being a representative of Johnson & Johnson?

We will be featured on national TV spots for participating brands such as Johnson's Baby, Listerine, Band-Aid, Bengay, Splenda, Lubriderm, and Neosporin, as well as print and banner ads, reality style monthly webisodes, and other digital outlets. We will appear on Univision and Telemundo’s top shows to talk about the role that Johnson & Johnson products play in our daily lives. Our stories and adventures will also be chronicled on the La Familia De Hoy Facebook page.

Cousins at play.

What would you like to accomplish as La Familia de Hoy? 

Our main goal for this program is to share our experiences and our love as a family with others. We feel very fortunate to be the family that we are; we would love to help spread the message of the importance of family, cultivating our Hispanic values, and traditions. We also hope that our children are able to look back on this experience and feel special and proud because they're part of such a loving and unique family.

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