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J&N’s Formula2Wellness opens in downtown Alhambra

  • All photos taken by Dominic Tovar.


7 N. 4th Street
Alhambra , CA 91801 United States

J&N’s Formula2Wellness is a new retailer in Alhambra that provides natural and chemical-free products including wellness patches, a skin care line, and an award-winning nutrition line. Owners Nickie Chan and Julian Yang Chung opened their doors in early November, right off of Main Street in Downtown Alhambra.

At the heart of the business, the pair believe that pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer when it comes to helping the body heal and address overall pain. Though they support the use of antibiotics and medicine aimed to cure, J&N’s Formula2Wellness seeks to provide a natural alternative that gives the body the means to heal on its own. Their motto sums up the goals of their business: living long and living well.

Their products do not make any medical claims or “cure” by any means. Instead, according to Nickie, “[Our products] focus on rebalancing and stimulating your body to do what it’s supposed to do – heal itself.” The most popular products at J&N’s Forumula2Wellness are their Lifewave patches. These non-transdermal (nothing goes into the body) patches are supposed to stimulate acupuncture points in order to create a natural energy source for the body and increase healing mechanisms – therefore allowing the body to heal without the use of drugs. Julian describes how the IceWave patch, a pain reducer, functions: “This works like needless acupuncture, using your own body heat. The patches stimulate nerves and vital points on the skin to promote natural healing.”

Since 2012, Nickie and Julian have been distributors for Lifewave, but their new storefront allows them to also provide other wellness products that claim to boost immune system, offer better sleep, and reduces pain – naturally. Though the pair have been in the wellness business for over 5 years, this is the first time they open a storefront. Before J&N’s Formula2Wellness opened, the pair were still providing alternative healing products through person to person marketing, or network marketing. They decided to open in Downtown Alhambra so they can have a place where clients seeking immediate pain relief can find them easily. As Alhambra residents for over 20 years, they want to be in close proximity to where they live, eat, and work. “Nickie and I sit in the office every morning…the whole energy of Main St. comes in and hits you. It is so alive.”

Outside of the workplace, the owners love the variety of food in Alhambra and the proximity to culture on their doorstep. Both enjoy late night dining (after midnight), watching their children’s soccer games and being active in their community. Julian and Nickie are board members of Soroptimist Alhambra, a volunteer service organization for business and professional women who to improve the lives of women. The pair are also Ambassadors of the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce – Nickie is a board member for the Chamber as well.

If you are interested in learning more about J&N’s products, you can find them Monday through Friday, 11am – 5pm  or attend one of their webinars Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Visit their website for events: www.formula2wellness.com or find them on Facebook.

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