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Introducing our new look

Photo by Jesse Shapins is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dear readers,

We launched a new website design with a clean and modern look. The website is powered by WordPress, which allows us to craft multimedia stories with more ease and give us flexibility in design.

The new design includes the popular features from the former one, such as adding an announcement. If your announcement is about an event, try adding it as an event that will show up on the homepage on the right bottom corner.

The website has quick links at the bottom in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Since we’ve just launched, we’re sure there are some kinks to iron out. We are working with the webmaster to solve any issues that come up. If you notice something that should be fixed on this website, please feel free to email us at editor@alhambrasource.org.


Editors of the Alhambra Source


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2 thoughts on “Introducing our new look”

  1. I also miss the “Like” button at the top of articles that allows the public to know how many people are reading and like the article.

  2. As a long time reader and contributor to the Alhambra Source, I am writing to provide some feedback on the format of your new website.

    First, the new format looks very nice.

    However, I have noticed a few things that may turn off regulars to your site and result in lower readership and/or community participation.

    1. Many older articles are not on the new website. They show up in a google search, but when you click on the link it sends you to an empty page on the new website.
    2. Why are the comments no longer at the bottom of the articles? I see that you have put comments at the bottom of the home page but it has no order to it and makes it difficult to start a comment thread of any substance. If people are able to see comments after they read an article then they are more likely to contribute to the comment section than if they have to go searching through comments from various articles at the bottom of the home page.
    3. Why can people no longer comment anonymously? On the new website you have to login and your comments will show up under the name on your account. I believe this will severely diminish the number of comments you receive since many people, like myself, do not want their legal names displayed for the world to see. People have their own reasons for wanting to comment anonymously and those reasons are numerous and legitimate. I am (was) an avid contributor to the comment section of articles on the Alhambra Source, but I will no longer be commenting if I have to use my legal name, and I know others who feel the same way. I think you should reinstitute the old format for comments, as the comment section provides a forum for debate and community interaction, which supports the Alhambra Source’s mission. People are more willing to share their views if they can do it without attribution, which is a check against retaliation and/or online bullying. Most other news publications allow their readers to comment using a pseudonym.

    Please consider these comments, as the Alhambra Source is an important asset to the community and I want to see it succeed in its transition to non-profit status.

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