Inside the U.S. Post Office in Alhambra

Postal workers in Alhambra serve more than 32,000 addresses in the city and deliver more than 5,000 parcels each month. We visited them at the U.S. Post Office at Bay State Street and Garfield Avenue to learn how all that mail is processed and delivered. Check out photos from our post office tour below!

1 thought on “Inside the U.S. Post Office in Alhambra”

  1. I don’t want to demean the Alhambra postal workers, but I find that the South Pasadena office seems to operate much faster and is more efficient than the Alhambra office, that I usually have a shorter wait time in South Pasadena. I don’t know if the Alhambra office handles more letters/customers/larger boxes than South Pasadena, but before patting itself on the back, the Alhambra management should try to determine why I think their service is not up-to-par as the South Pasadena office, then I would use them more instead of going to South Pasadena.

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