We learned how to write our own immigrant narratives

  • The Alhambra Source immigrant narrative workshops are part of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse's APAFEST programming. All photos by David Muñoz.

  • Tammy Delatorre.

  • Family photos were shared at the workshop.


Alhambra , CA United States

In the Alhambra Source’s second immigrant narrative workshop, writing teacher Tammy Delatorre took 11 students through writing exercises inspired by lines from certain poems. She underscored the importance of immigrant narratives by reading an op-ed from Orange Is the New Black actress Diane Guerrero about experiencing her parents’ deportation when she was a teenager.

Delatorre also went through the common structure in a personal essay. We’ve produced a recap for you below:

The porch/hook – the first part of your essay, which draws the reader in and ends in a nut graf that shows the point of telling this story.

Background – exploring the problem and the epiphany or change that comes with that

The resolution The problem is solved and the writer takes personal responsibility going forward

Now you have the ingredients to write about your immigration narrative for the Alhambra Source! Please pitch us at phoenix@alhambrasource.org.

Learn more about our first immigrant narrative workshop, where Tammy went into why immigrant narratives are important. For more information about Tammy and to sign up for her other writing classes, visit her website.

The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse’s APAFEST runs through May 26. More details here.

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