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How did Alhambrans enjoy summer in the past? [Slideshow]

We partnered with the Alhambra Preservation Group to present more photos of Alhambra from the past. This time around we're focusing on summer, as many students have survived finals week, and schools have let out for the vacation season. 

What was summer like in Alhambra 80 years ago? Some traditions have been persisted since then, such as ice cream and trips to Catalina Island. We will be presenting more historical photos in the future. If you have interesting photos of Alhambra from the past, please share them with us. Email them to editor@alhambrasource.org.

1 thought on “How did Alhambrans enjoy summer in the past? [Slideshow]”

  1. Richard M Nieto

    We (Mexican-Americans) were certainly not welcomed in Alhambra in the “early years.”As a high school student living in Boyle Heights, one summer we came to Alhambra to swim at the Granada Park Pool. We were stopped by Alhambra Police, told us “Mexicans not allowed in this city”, so we went home, never returning to Alhambra. When we (now married adults) moved into Alhambra in the 70″s, were were still being discriminated; either not being served at various places, simply being ignored while only Whites being helped, but luckily we lived in an area in Emery Park where our neighbors were very welcoming and helpful, not caring about our background.So perhaps in reliving Alhambra’s history, the racism that existed needsto be addressed as part of its growth.

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