Highlights from the Alhambra Source’s first Community Voices training

All photos by Phoenix Tso and Dominic Tovar.


Alhambra , CA United States

Thirty locals took time out of their Saturdays to learn and discuss journalism with the Alhambra Source. Mentors Rick Wilkinson (Nightline), Elaine Woo (Los Angeles Times), Jon Thurber (also of the LA Times) and Alan Mittelstaedt (USC, Neon Tommy) lent their expertise on video reporting, news writing, opinion writing and photography at the beautiful Ramona Convent Secondary School.

Some highlights below:

Community Outreach Coordinator Dominic Tovar learns how to take steady video on his iPhone.

Video journalism mentor Rick Wilkinson.

Jon Thurber teaches opinion writing.

Full video workshop.

Photo instructor Alan Mittelstaedt.

Carlos Barron participates in the news writing workshop.

News writing mentor Elaine Woo.

    Jeu Foon, contributor, shares details about a story he is working on.

    Contributors pose with Rick Wilkinson and his Emmy post-workshop.

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  1. What a nice turnout for the event! Really glad that the Alhambra Source is holding these workshops. I can’t wait for some of the stories that will be written and published on the Alhambra Source by those who participated.

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