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Grassroots Alhambra is offering a $500 scholarship to students who want to give back

Photo by Phoenix Tso.


Alhambra , CA United States

Alhambra residents may know Grassroots Alhambra as the organization behind a ballot measure to change election rules in Alhambra and that advocated for a more robust environmental study for the Lowe’s development.

But the organization is casting its net wider, offering a $500 scholarship to five high school seniors who attend Alhambra’s high schools — Alhambra High School, Century High School, Mark Keppel High School, San Gabriel High School and Ramona Convent Secondary School — in order to engage with the larger community.

“As much as we’re engaged in these issues around the city, we also wanted to participate in family discourse and be welcome to other conversations besides these other issues that we’re known for,” said Jose Aguayo, Grassroots Alhambra’s executive director. The scholarship is not limited to students attending a four-year college, but for those who want to go to vocational school and community college.

The scholarship application has three questions that allow Grassroots Alhambra to get to know the student, how they want to give back to the community and what they want to do with their education. Their engagement doesn’t have to be political.

Grassroots Alhambra has seen some interest from the community so far in the scholarship, but hopes that more students apply. “I’m hopeful that we can help as many students as possible,” he said.

The Grassroots Alhambra scholarship deadline is Friday, April 20. For information on how to apply, visit Grassroots Alhambra’s website.

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3 thoughts on “Grassroots Alhambra is offering a $500 scholarship to students who want to give back”

  1. Michael Lawrence

    The winners have been selected !! Please come
    Saturday the 28th to Alhambra High School and applaud these outstanding students. Refreshments and guest speaker William Huang on affordable housing is a bonus. 10 am to 12:30 .

  2. Linda Trevillian

    Kudos to Grassroots Alhambra for this great idea. Higher education is getting less affordable every year, and students who are concerned about – and wish to help – their communities are admirable. I wonder about two aspects, though. First, I noticed the inclusion of vocational schools on the list of schools that students who receive these scholarships can attend. That raises a big red flag: for-profit schools. The vast majority of these institutions offer no more than community colleges, but charge much higher tuition (community college tuition is $46 per unit, so California residents can take a full load of 12 units for about $550/semester. Some offer free tuition to students in their service area, and I believe that there is a bill pending to make California Community College attendance free to state residents ). Schools like those that comprised the Corintiian group also are not honest about their placement services for graduates, which usually were nonexistent or useless. (Remember the Corinthian Colleges, which were shut down abruptly a few years ago and, under the Obama administration, forced to pay back loans that their students had incurred while attending.) My second concern is that it should be possible to find students who already have demonstrated their willingness to help the community. I would prefer that those students be selected over others who might be applying just to get the scholarship and not follow through on their promise. There should be some checks and balances.

  3. Good for Grassroots Alhambra! Giving back to the community they love and fight for.

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