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Goodbye school, hello summer!

Schools in Alhambra are winding down the academic year and Alhambra Unified's last day is on Friday. We spoke to students about the best parts of the school year, what they're looking forward to next year, and what they would improve at school. Happy summer vacation!

Briana Kristine de Leon | Photo by Jazlynn Pastor

"Next year, I'll be a freshman in college. I'm excited to meet new people, faces, and teachers who will teach me a lot more than I already know. I will miss my friends — the friends that I've known since elementary school, or even the ones I've met this year…I know that I can always keep in touch with them but it won't be the same." –Briana Kristine de Leon, Alhambra High School senior

Aaron | Photo by Miyako Martinez

"I feel like I've came a long way. Graduating is basically ending a chapter of my life and moving forward. My most memorable school event would probably be when I first had to attend Century, since I didn't want to attend Century. I would like to see myself mature even more, study more, set priorities, and be able to enjoy myself." -Huy Nguyen, Century High School senior

Yasmine Li | Photo by Miyako Martinez

"I’d like to say just be yourself because high school is only temporary and no one’s going to remember anyone, so you may as well be yourself, do your own thing, make the right kinds of friends, and know who you’re hanging out with. Grades aren’t everything. It’s really about what you learn and what you get out of high school, because it’s really what you make of it." -Aaron, Alhambra High School senior

"Clubs are losing their spirit. People are joining service clubs for the wrong reasons, just for college applications and not really for helping the community. They should really start thinking about why they joined the service club." –Yasmine Li, Alhambra High School junior

Pauline On | Photo by Miyako Martinez

"My favorite school event this year was the Senior vs. Faculty game because it was very fun and loud. We got to see the different sides cheering and I got to see my Coach Malonek play. It was nice because we saw everyone come together and cheer for all the seniors against their teachers." -Pauline On, Alhambra High School freshman

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