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COVID-19 Cases Top 20,000; County Concerned on Wide Disparity in Wealthy/Poorer Areas

A screen capture of the Facebook Live online streaming of the L.A. County daily press briefing, on April 27, 2020. Director of LACDPH Barbara Ferrer talks about the demographics dashboard.


Alhambra , CA

In Monday’s press, briefing Los Angeles County announced the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases have passed 20,000. The 900 cases reported in the last 24 hours brings the county’s count to 20,417, and 29 deaths reported since Sunday make 942, as that total number continues to creep towards 1,000.

Just under 124,000 people have been tested, and about 14% of the tests have come back positive.

Another number that is creeping up is the number of infections and deaths in congregate living facilities, specifically skilled nursing homes. To date, there have been 423 deaths in institutional settings, making up 45% of all countywide deaths.

Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer took a moment to both thank the staff of the skilled nursing facilities, who are “doing their very best under extraordinarily difficult circumstances to care for the residents,” and to make a public apology.

She prefaced her statement, saying at the beginning of the pandemic the scientific community had no proof COVID-19 could be spread by people who were infected but asymptomatic.

“And this, unfortunately, has resulted in the spread of the virus, even where everybody has been doing their very best to implement infection control measures with the information we had at the time. I apologize on behalf of all of us, for not knowing enough at the start of this epidemic, to take additional steps in our congregate living facilities to make sure we were doing everything possible to protect residents and staff.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is also attempting to collect demographic data from positive and deceased COVID-19 patients.

Ferrer has admitted in the past that they were struggling to test communities of color and lower-income areas. Mobile testing centers have increased throughout the county, including in those harder-to-reach communities.

Ferrer said on Monday that there is still a need for increased testing, support services and access to accurate, “culturally appropriate information.” She is again saying appointments are available at the mobile testing sites, and everyone who has symptoms should get tested.

It is not clear if the county is close to capacity at the mobile testing sites in the low-income communities or areas with large minority and immigrant populations, like the SGV, where medical information and language barriers might exist.

As the Alhambra Source previously reported, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Monterey Park and Montebello are in the U.S. Census Bureau’s Southwest San Gabriel Valley Census County Division where the average income per capita is under $26,000. That puts those cities into the “very low” income category by the Housing and Urban Development’s 2018 estimates.

Thus far, L.A. County has some demographic information from 865 individuals, and has determined that lower income populations have a three times higher death rate than those who live in wealthier communities.

To compare the two groups, the county creates an average death rate of individuals with COVID-19. Wealthier communities have a death rate of 5.5 deaths per 100,000, while lower-income communities have a death rate of 16.9 deaths per 100,000.

“This data is deeply disturbing, and it speaks to the need for immediate action in communities with disproportional high rates of death,” Ferrer said.

Late Monday or Tuesday, L.A. County will launch a Public Health COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard, providing an overview on testing, cases and deaths by community, with demographic data including age, poverty level, sex and race or ethnicity, according to Ferrer.

It remains to be seen whether or not the county is tracking or will reveal the capacity versus realities of each testing site on this dashboard.

If this dashboard is as comprehensive as it sounds, it should show which communities have high rates of death and are also low-income areas, showing where the county should be targeting their action.

The breakdown by community, plus Health Department confirmed institutional settings with one or more cases:

Here are some of the case numbers presented by the L.A. County Health Department press release:

  • In the last 24 hours: 29 deaths; 900 cases
  • Total deaths: 942 (including Pasadena’s 30 deaths and Long Beach’s 29)
  • Total cases: 20,417

The breakdown by community, plus Health Department confirmed institutional settings with one or more cases:

  • Alhambra: 75
    • Alhambra Healthcare & Wellness Centre, LP
      • 3 confirmed staff; 1 confirmed resident
    • Royal Gardens Extended Care (Removed 4/24)
      • 3 confirmed staff
  • Arcadia: 36
    • Arcadia Gardens Retirement Hotel
      • 2 confirmed staff; 1 confirmed resident
    • Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital
      • 11 confirmed staff; 25 confirmed resident; 5 death
  • Unincorporated Arcadia: 4
  • Boyle Heights: 170
    • Hollenbeck Palms (Removed 4/24)
      • Under investigation
    • Infinity Care of East Los Angeles
      • 1 confirmed resident
  • Unincorporated East L.A.: 328
    • Buena Ventura Post Acute Care Center
      • 8 confirmed staff; 13 confirmed resident; 2 death
  • El Monte: 129
    • Eastland Subacute & Rehabilitation Center (Removed 4/24)
      • Under investigation
    • Idle Acre Sanitarium & Convalescent Hospital (Gardens of El Monte) (Removed 4/24)
      • 1 confirmed staff
    • Mayflower Care Center (Removed 4/24)
      • Under investigation
    • Ramona Nursing & Rehabilitation
      • 2 confirmed resident
  • El Sereno: 87
    • Huntington Healthcare Center
      • 10 positive staff; 21 confirmed resident; 10 death
  • Highland Park: 75
    • Highland Park Skilled Nursing and Wellness Center
      • 2 confirmed staff; 1 confirmed resident
  • Lincoln Heights: 66
    • Juvenile Central Hall (Removed 4/24)
      • Under investigation
    • Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center
      • 6 confirmed staff; 22 confirmed resident; 3 death
  • Montebello: 114
    • Montebello Care Center
      • 4 confirmed resident; 1 death
    • Rio Hondo Subacute and Nursing
      • 8 confirmed staff, 5 confirmed resident, 1 death
  • Monterey Park: 64
    • DaVita Garfield Hemodialysis Center (Listed 4/21; removed 4/22)
      • 1 confirmed staff; 1 confirmed resident; 1 probable resident
  • Pasadena: 325 (separate health department often different information than county)
    • Arbor Vista
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Brighton Care Center
      • 16 confirmed staff; 75 resident; 14 death
    • California Pasadena Convalescent Hospital (The Californian)
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Camellia Gardens
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident; 1 death
    • Fair Oaks Regency Park
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Foothill Heights Care Center
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Garfield Care Center (no active cases on 4/15)
    • GEM Transitional Care Center
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Golden Cross Healthcare
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
    • Huntington Dialysis Center in Pasadena (Removed 4/24)
    • Huntington Post Acute (Pasadena Meadows)
      • <11 confirmed staff; 18 confirmed resident; 1 death
    • Jasmine Terrace
      • 16 confirmed staff; 30 confirmed resident; 6 death
    • Legacy Care Center (Listed 4/14; removed 4/15)
    • Pasadena Grove Health Center
      • 13 confirmed staff; 17 confirmed resident; 1 death
    • Pasadena Park Healthcare & Wellness Center
      • 4 confirmed staff, 2 confirmed resident
    • Rose Garden
      • 11 confirmed staff; 14 confirmed resident; 5 death
    • Vincent’s
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident; 1 death
    • Villa Gardens Health Center
      • <11 confirmed staff; <11 confirmed resident
  • Rosemead: 29
  • San Gabriel: 29
    • Live Oak Rehabilitation Center (Removed 4/24)
      • Under investigation
    • Quality Dialysis Center – San Gabriel (Listed 4/21; removed 4/22)
      • 1 confirmed staff; 1 confirmed resident
  • Unincorporated Northeast San Gabriel: 13
  • Unincorporated South San Gabriel: 7
  • San Marino: 11
  • South El Monte: 22
  • Unincorporated South El Monte: 1
  • South Pasadena: 61
    • South Pasadena Care Center
      • 25 confirmed staff; 54 confirmed resident; 5 deaths
  • Temple City: 47
  • University Hills: 4

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