Business development was the focus of Alhambra’s State of the City luncheon

Alhambra mayor David Mejia at the State of the City address. Photo by Alhambra Source.


Alhambra , CA United States

Mayor David Mejia highlighted advances that the Alhambra city government made in providing services and business development, during his State of the City address to an audience of government, business and community members on Tuesday afternoon. The event was hosted by the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce and the Alhambra Rotary Club.

“This is what’s gonna make our city great,” Mejia said about the City of Alhambra’s recent accomplishments, bringing up a famous pop singer to make his point. “And when I listen to Phil Collins, and you hear ‘feel it in the air tonight,’ that’s what I’m feeling is that we’re gonna be great.”

Accomplishments that Mejia highlighted include the revitalization of the Alhambra Place Shopping Center, which now houses popular business like the Sprouts supermarket. He also mentioned four new condominium developments on Main Street, adding almost 300 condos and 260 luxury apartment houses at Alhambra Place.

Mejia also mentioned the development of Valley Boulevard, with the addition of restaurants like Baja Cali Fish & Taco, the Crabby Crab and Ritter’s, which serves Cajun and Creole food.

In terms of improving city services, Mejia discussed the implmentation of a homeless outreach team in partnerships with Pasadena’s Union Station Homeless Services, the purchase of body cameras for the Alhambra Police Department and an Alhambra Fire Department’s adoption of an app called Pulse Point that would alert people to equipment in public locations that could help someone undergoing cardiac arrest.

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