Are recycle-for-cash facilities good for Alhambra?


2400 West Commonwealth AVe
Alhambra , CA United States

A city ordinance passed last summer placed new restrictions on recycling for cash at private deposit centers in Alhambra, and since then most have moved or closed. Director of Community Services Mary Swink told the Pasadena Star-News that the city wanted to remove the "dirty" facilities from the public eye, and also preferred that residents used municipal trash recycling services instead which helps fulfill solid-waste requirements.

"Residents are paying for that already so they might as well use it," she told the Star-News.

Swink told the Source it's important to note this is not a ban, and not related to the recent partnership with Recyclebank, a company that provides incentives for recycling through a rewards system. "We’re not outlawing them; we’re just moving," Swink said of private recycling. "We were just trying to get them out of the residential areas and the commercial areas. You can have them in industrial areas. And they will screen them off from street view."

A recycle-for-cash location at Albertson's on Commonwealth Avenue is one of two remaining in the city, and will be appealing the ordinance on Monday at the City Council meeting. In this video, made in 2010, customers share why they choose to recycle for cash and what it means to them, from dollars for camping to food on the table.

5 thoughts on “Are recycle-for-cash facilities good for Alhambra?”

  1. Funny, I read in the Alhambra Monthly News that it is illegal to take recyclables out of the blue bins and that residents should call the police if they witness someone doing that.

    Yesterday while driving north on Chapel just north of Mission Rd, I seen a police officer sitting in his vehicle along the curb, his car was facing north. Approximately 100 ft north of the officer was a man taking recyclables out of a blue bin, this man had a bicycle with many plastic bags full of bottles and cans. He went from blue barrel to blue barrel without any action taken by the officer.

  2. The issue is the pilfering. The city makes a cut of the recyclables that people leave in the blue recycling bins for the trash trucks to pick up. If the cans are pilfered, there is no revenue for the city. I see this happening all the time on my street.

    1. Alhambra Resident

      Then the problem is also people stealing other people’s trash/recyclables. This needs to be stopped also.

  3. Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou

    Yeah, I'm a little perplexed as to why the city is making the effort to restrict these recycling facilities. Are there a lot of people complaining about the noise and nuisance level?

  4. Don’t know why city officials are suddenly picking on re-cycling operations, after all are’nt suppossed to “go green” & help the environment by recycling? If Alhambra continues their war against recycling centers, i can easily take my recycling stuff to other neighborhood cities; but I suspect someone is getting “their hands greased” by large recycling companies that want to monoplolize the trade.

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