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An Alhambra Thanksgiving

Reporter Corps members spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents in 2012 about how they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same. Listen to a selection of responses below — from heading to Vegas with family to feeling gratitude despite discovering breast cancer to indulging in a dinner of arroz con gandules and ham — or choose the individual's story below that interests you.


I just found out today that I have breast cancer, so I'm very thankful for the mammogram, the technician who read it, and the folks at kaiser who are taking such good care of me. I thank the lord for the life he's given me and I pray for many, many more years. — Catherine Alexander

Since I don’t really celebrate with family, I was just going to see what my friends are up to and celebrate with them. It’s not a big deal. — Felix Tsai

Just being with family, enjoying a meal together, and watching some football.— Patrick Garcia

I’m going to go to Las Vegas and have some Turkey with my parents in a hotel. — Jason Fong

I’ve lived in Alhambra for the last 24 years. I’m a descendant of William Bradford, English descent, old American, and I think of that. — Diana Green

I’m grateful that I don’t have to have another hip implant. That the crime is very little and that my daughters have lived here all their lives and achieved so much. — Frank Romero

When I was a kid my parents used to take us to the marine base near where we lived in Florida and we would take some marines back with us. As a young kid it was great to have. — Mark Trulsen

It’s just very traditional, turkey and stuffing, potato and corn. Drinks and chips and pies….Mainly it’s just having my whole family together, because part of my family lives in Mexico. — Veronica Santoyo

We have traditional Puerto Rican food, plus a turkey and a ham. Our traditional plate will be arroz con gandules, pernil, and platanos fritos. — Linda Young

The morning usually play a golf tournament and in the afternoon get with my cousins and we have a big Thanksgiving dinner. — Eric Hesse

When we gather around the table we all say something we’re thankful for before we eat dinner, and we say a prayer. — Kareena Vasquez

Before we used to just eat duck and chicken, but now actual bird. More traditional. — Tiffany Su

I celebrate with two sides of my family. The Mexican side and the Salvadoran side. …Funny thing about both sides is there isn’t a big turkey…Salvadoran side we use the turkey to make sandwiches. Mexican side we have enchiladas. — Bryan Ramos

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