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Almansor dog park is put on hold

Photo by flickr user SupportPDX licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


Alhambra , CA United States

The Alhambra City Council decided to put plans for a dog park on hold, expressing concern that the project would cost too much money.

City staff estimated that building a dog park would cost $439,044. This significantly more than the federal funds that the City was planning on using, with no guarantee that the federal government would approve this use.

The City Council directed staff to turn the site for the dog park at Almansor Park, which was once the lawn bowling court for the Alhambra Bowls Club, into green space. The City would revisit this project if Measure A from Los Angeles County became available, or if another funding source were to be identified.

The City Council also asked that staff look into relaxing local laws about walking dogs in Alhambra’s parks. Currently, dogs are prohibited from these areas, even if they’re on a leash.

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1 thought on “Almansor dog park is put on hold”

  1. The area that was perfectly suited for lawn bowling (and very popular for many years until the city leaders broke their promise) is way too small and not appropriate for a successful dog park. Before my dog, who is a senior at age 15, started to have difficulty walking, I took her to parks frequently. In fact, we went to Garfield Park in South Pasadena less than a month ago. Like multiple parks in surrounding cities, dogs on leashes are allowed with no problems. It adds to the pleasure of going to a park. I once encountered an Alhambra parks employee at a city park who reminded me that Romi and I should not be walking inside the park, only on the sidewalk on the perimeter. During a short conversation, he admitted that in his nearly 30-year career in his position, he had never seen a dog attack another dog or a human and agreed that dogs and their owners clean up after themselves much, much better than many humans who visit for a picnic or other gathering and leave remnants of their fun everywhere, even with abundant trash cans available and convenient. I I am pleased that the city will begin to allow dogs on leashes to visit our city’s parks, an idea that I believe should have been initiated years ago. And I hope that sometime in the future, we will find a place for a really enjoyable dog park, one that has separate areas for small and large dogs, tables and benches for their families to socialize as the dogs do, trash cans and a bag dispenser at the entrance, and water for the dogs. It will have to be much larger than the area that was considered at Almansor Park, but it can be accomplished if we all put our heads together in a positive way.

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