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Alhambra votes

Contributors to the Alhambra Source set out today to find out why people are voting, which issues matter most to them, and if people knew that municipal elections were cancelled because no challengers had run against incumbents. If you have thoughts you'd like to add, we'd like to hear them.

FredI’ve voted in every election I could since I was 18 years old. It’s the one true way we can exercise our rights. People literally die for this right to vote. My wife is a Chinese immigrant and she knows the ballot is a vote of her conscious.

It’s a general overall indifference to voting in Alhambra. I’m voting here – I wish there was a line going outside the door.

—Ross Lawson, self-employed/ owner of a retail business

Why did you vote today? Change. I’m concerned about the economy.

Did you know that local elections were cancelled? Yes, I did. It’s kind of expected, I don’t really know why it would be like that.

—Fred, security guardWalter and Lina

Did you know that local elections were cancelled? I was not aware.

How long have you been voting in this country? Oh my God. More than 40 years…

Berta Escamilla, nurse

We vote all the time.

What issues interest you this year? Propositions 20, 27, Senator’s Race, the race for Congressman… I want that to change. I want the Senator’s seat to change. I do not like Jerry Brown, I was here in the 70s when he ran twice, he’s been in government all of his life and I’m tired of paying his salary.Michael Rivero

—Walter and Lina, Alhambra

I vote all the time. I vote because I want to see my views be passed. I want our country to change.

—Suzette Gonzalez, parent

I always vote. I’ve been voting for 25 years.

What issues interest you this year? The governor’s race, and the U.S. Senator’s race. And the propositions, I can’t go by numbers, but I can tell you those are the issues that are of interest to me.

—Michael Rivero, Dispatcher/Inspector at Polling PlacePhilippe Sierra

I vote because the voice of the people needs to be heard.

—Salticio Otadoy

I always vote. I believe in voting, of course that’s the only way we can get the people we want into office to do stuff for us in the community.

—Philippe Sierra

It’s our duty and a privilege to vote. So I have to do my part.Dave Moreno

—Dave Moreno, Parks and Recreations

Why did you vote today? I feel it’s a big deal and I feel it’s important to be involved in the process.

Vanessa, Student

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4 thoughts on “Alhambra votes”

  1. Voting is not just our right, but our responsibility. If this responsibility is not given to us, it is a travesty. Sure there’s no opposition, but the process is still important. I think on the whole our City Council is doing a good job with strained resources. But there’s room for improvement and dialogue.

  2. It is troubling that not one Alhambra incumbent faced a challenger in this election. Multiple candidates give the electorate a wider variety of perspectives to consider. More importantly, a contested election holds our elected officials and their actions up to closer public scrutiny, which is critical to the continued vitality of our civic institutions. No challengers meant there were no debates, no accountability, and no differences of opinion.

    The quality of our government is directly related to the level of citizen involvement. It will only be as good as the attention we pay to it. As an analogy, parents know from experience that the instant you turn your attention away from your child, that’s the moment your child starts to get into trouble. The same is true for our government. If we fail to participate in City Hall, we will inevitably get a government that loses focus and strays. Here’s hoping Alhambra’s next election has an abundance of candidates.

  3. I love voting. Every time I vote, I’m reminded of how special our country is & how many people vote for this privilege. This morning my polling place looked more busy than usual.


  4. Just got back from voting at All Soul’s Church. It was nice to see some neighbors and get our vote counted. No issues or major lines. Heading to the Finance department with my $1 to get a bicycle permit (required in the city for all cyclists)

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