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Alhambra starts off the new year with a bang

Photo by City of Alhambra via Facebook.


Alhambra , CA United States

Happy new year! Alhambra’s 2018 Rose Parade float honored the Alhambra Civic Center Library and its work promoting literacy in the community. This is in line with the Alhambra Source’s efforts to promote hyperlocal news literacy, so that residents know about the city policies and initiatives that are happening in Alhambra, as well as the great cultural offerings of their neighborhood.

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Looking forward to spending 2018 with you!

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3 thoughts on “Alhambra starts off the new year with a bang”

  1. Hi, Linda,

    The city hands over $100,000 every year to the Alhambra Chamber to go and subcontract out the Rose Parade float. This is a contract that is annually renewed and not bid out competitively. Furthermore, the contract is extremely nontransparent. I know that many Alhambrans like the City’s float, but is it really appropriate for the City to spend nearly all of its Art in Public Places fund every year on the Rose Parade float? I personally think that using that money to support local artists and permanent or lengthy art displays in Alhambra is a better use of the money. I think that your idea about the Chamber or City raising the money from the people who enjoy the float is more appropriate. Afterall, $100,000 for ten seconds of advertising? And what does the City really get in return? Is that return equitable to all Alhambra residents or primarily City Hall and the Chamber? That is $1 million over the last ten years that the City could have used for tangible returns to residents. I am sure others do not feel the same way that I do, and that is fine.

    Perhaps the Alhambra Source should explain to the community where this money comes from, what it is meant for, how it has been used over the decades, and then ask the community via an online pole how they would like the City to spend the money.

  2. Linda Trevillian

    Sean. Alhambra has entered a float in the Rose Parade for many years, and I am proud of that. It gives those from around the world who attend the parade or watch it on TV a chance to learn something about other cities that are close to Pasadena – Glendale, Long Beach, Lakewood, Torrance, Monrovia and more. I do recall that at least some time in the past, there were attempts at fundraising for the city’s float. I believe that when The Alhambra Post-Advocate was still being published (don’t get me started about my opinion of the sudden death of our excellent daily that was in business for nearly a century), the editor at the time, I believe Dulcy Jenkins, arranged a social gathering st a beautiful mansion somewhere in the Rafael Hills area of Pasadena to raise money for that year’s float. Admission was very fair, and I enjoyed myself,even though I don’t recall that I knew anyone other than my date. We also used to get pleas with our utility bills for contributions. No reason that these ideas couldn’t be revived. I had no idea that the City Council just appropated the funding, most likely with no consultation. I’m sure that with the ease of publizing just about anything these days (one of the actual benefits of social media), we could raise a good percentage of the cost .

  3. Any thoughts on how the City could have better spent the $100,000 it gave to the Alhambra Chamber to build the Rose Parade float for 10 seconds of TV time? Maybe the City should have used the money, which came from its Arts in Public Places fund, to support local artists and lasting art within Alhambra?

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