Alhambra resident arrested for leaving child in hot car

Photo by David Muñoz.


Alhambra , CA United States

A babysitter was arrested for child endangerment, after she allegedly left a child in a hot car while she ran errands and ate a meal on Tuesday afternoon.

Alhambra police officers arrested Alhambra resident Helen Law after finding a six year old boy inside a locked car with the windows rolled up at the 700 block of Valley Boulevard, according to a department press release. Police responded after receiving a call from a passerby. Officers came across Law who said she was the boy’s babysitter.

Law’s bail is set at $100,000. She is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

Police said that Law left the child in her car for almost two hours while she ran errands and ate at a nearby restaurant. The interior temperature of the car was 120 degrees.

Officers were able to locate the child’s older sibling and his parents after the incident, said Alhambra Police Lieutenant Eddie Elizalde. He said that Law was a hired babysitter and is not related to the child.

Alhambra Fire Department transported the child to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment, said Elizalde. The child was released Thursday evening after four hours of observation and is already back in school.

“We want people to be really cognizant during the summer months of the passengers and the animals in their cars,” said Elizalde, adding that car interiors can heat up within minutes in the summer, especially with the windows rolled up.

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