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Alhambra Mayor Jeff Maloney names environment, expanding green space as priorities

Photo by Phoenix Tso.


Alhambra , CA United States

Jeff Maloney named environmental sustainability as his top priority after being sworn in as Alhambra mayor last Tuesday evening.

Maloney called on Alhambra to join other American cities in becoming a net-zero emission city or a city that makes no net release of carbon to the atmosphere.

“It is a lot of cities from around the country that realize that this is not just an environmental issue, which it is, it’s a fiscal issue as well — how do we reduce our emissions and our energy usage to the point where we’re saving money and we’re making our environment as healthy as it can be,” he said.

Alhambra city council members take turns as mayor. Maloney will serve a nine-month term.

Maloney also discussed Alhambra’s accomplishments so far on the environment, mentioning its membership in the Los Angeles Clean Power Alliance, which will give Alhambra access to electricity from renewable sources and reduce utility costs.

Other priorities of Maloney’s include expanding parks, open space and recreational opportunities, including planning for a long-promised dog park. The mayor also directed staff to study innovative economic and transportation trends, so that Alhambra could adapt to attracting forward-thinking enterprises and alleviating traffic issues through new technologies like self-driving cars.

“Our main is goal is to make sure that we have a sustainable community for generations to come,” Maloney said, encouraging residents to show up at public meetings and keep in touch through social media.

Luis Ayala was also sworn in as vice mayor on Tuesday. The long-time city council member, who is stepping down next year due to term limits, took the opportunity to commend the Alhambra City Council for all it had accomplished.

“I always like to tell residents and neighbors that the best way to tell whether or not we’re successful here in the city is to simply drive around, look at our parks, look at our economic development, look at our housing, look at how many streets we’ve paved, look at so many different restaurants, the diversity that we can all be proud of in the city,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Alhambra Mayor Jeff Maloney names environment, expanding green space as priorities”

  1. And any audit undertaken should be independent. Firms hired by a city know what kind of result the city wants and they provide that result so that they can keep getting the cities business. Really, Assemblyman Chau as well as the Joint Committee on Legislative Audit need to have the state conduct an audit on the City’s contractual practices. The Chamber contracts are just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Michael Lawrence

    Mayor Maloney would do all of us a service by leading the way to transparency with an audit of the Chamber contracts . $320,000 dollars per year that is not accounted for is criminal negligence. Not even one audit in 30 years! That is how much of our tax money goes to the conservative organization known as the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce. This is the same organization that lobbies against environmental laws, minimum wage and denies global warming. That does not reflect the Alhambra I know. So Mayor Maloney make the facts and figures available to the public or respond here with an explanation why this is not the right thing to do.