Alhambra Hot Spot gets underway with the Spazmatics

Local photographer Javier Gutierrez caught the first Alhambra Hot Spot, a summer series the Alhambra Downtown Association is hosting every Saturday evening in August at Main Street and Garfield Avenue. Music was the theme, and the LA band the Spazmatics performed.

"I love 80''s music ! and these guys are legendary around these parts. Normally I avoid street festivals, but I made an exception," Gutierrez wrote on his Flickr feed.

As the summer heat intensifies so too should the Hot Spot: August 13th will fashion, 20th will be art, and the 27th will be dance.

All events are from 5pm to 8pm at the corner of Main & Garfield in front of the Edwards Renaissance Theater.

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  1. nice photos

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