Alhambra goes back to school

Alhambra students donned their backpacks and buttoned up their uniforms Tuesday, returning to school after summer vacation. We asked readers to share some of their back-to-school images and stories.

One local mom said her son was so excited for the first day of school, he set rules for drop-off. "He did warn me though that I should not kiss him because it would be embarrassing so instead we opted for a hug," said Tanya Velasco, whose son Christopher started kindergarten at Martha Baldwin Elementary. "As happy as I am for him on his first day of kindergarden, it really tugged at my heart that he is not a baby anymore. Time flies."  

Heather Akers dropped her children off at Garfield Elementary this morning. "All the kids were so excited to be back at school!" she said. "Give them a couple weeks, and they will wish it was summer again!"

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