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Alhambra gives green light to develop a bike master plan

City officials moved forward with awarding a contract to Alta Planning & Design to develop a bike master plan at a City Council meeting Monday night. The company has also created plans for other communities, such as Temple City and parts of Los Angeles.

Officials have yet to meet with a consultant to determine the actual design, but it would consist of a series of bike lanes to form a route throughout the city. "The width of streets, traffic, there are many factors that come into play when you’re going to determine whether to put in a bike route,” Director of Public Works Mary Chavez said. 

The next stage is to develop the design, which will cost around $19,995. "I'm glad that we're taking this step forward," said Councilman Steven Placido. "It will be interesting to see what they come up with for our city."

Advocates of the plan, including West San Gabriel Bike Coalition President Vincent Chang, appeared before the Council to show their support for the council's decision to approve the contract. Chang praised city officials for taking this step, as the initial discussions for the plan came about nearly one year ago. "It gives people an option," he said. "For those who choose to ride a bike, they can now do that. It's an alternative."

Efren Moreno of Bike SGV says that the eventual goal would be a "regional transportation plan," which would connect Alhambra's bike routes with surrounding cities, similar to what cities in the South Bay are trying to achieve. "They have the plan to connect cities, and the next step is to actually get the paint on the streets," he said. "We're trying to replicate that in the San Gabriel Valley."

Read the complete plan below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.Bike Master Plan

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11 thoughts on “Alhambra gives green light to develop a bike master plan”

  1. Dear “Alhambra Resident”:

    First, I like to apologize for the damage to your car. As a victim of hit-and-run incidents myself over the years, I understand the feeling when ones property is violated by those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and the police seemingly fails to take much interest.

    However,to imply that the Alhambra bike master plan will cause the arrival “lowlife hoodlums” into our city smacks of xenophobia and racism rather than any reasonable discourse upon the merits of the plan itself.

    Cyclists today comes in all forms, size and shapes. They are male and female. They come from all nations and all religions. They are of all colors and political beliefs.

    Cyclists represents all segment of our social strata. I personally know and ride with cyclists who are elected officials, attorneys, judges, doctors, engineers, first responders (police/fire), business owners and countless other professionals. I also know cyclists who are administrative assistants, clerks, janitors, restaurant workers, members of the military, students and senior citizens. Yes, I know a few who probably meets your definition of “hoodlums” too.

    In short, cyclists today truly reflects our society.

    From my experience, all cyclists are united in one thing: the desire to ride their bike in a peaceful and safe environment upon the public street without the risk of being doored, cut off by an inattentive driver, or hit by a driver who fail to recognize that cyclists have equal rights (and responsibility) upon any public road under the law.

    I invite you to come and ride your bike in one one of the rides sponsored by BikeSGV or any of the many cycling groups around the county. You will meet some of the nicest people in town.


    Vincent Chang, Esq.
    President & Co-founder, BikeSGV

  2. Congratulations to my hometown of Alhambra and cyclists of the San Gabriel Valley!

    I regularly bike with my family to the farmer’s market and to visit other family members. I’m looking forward to a safer ride on the streets of Alhambra. Especially, since so many of our streets are used as commuter roads. I’m excited about the increasing popularity of bicycle transportation!

    As a lifelong cyclist, I feel strongly about encouraging and creating bicycle-centered infrastructure and enforcing bike-car traffic regulations. Bicycling is a legitimate form of transportation. It should not be thoughtlessly denigrated nor should bicyclists be victim to vast and offensive stereotypes.

  3. “Alhambra Resident” Be a responsible person and take legal action against those individuals who have done you wrong and get involved with a neighborhood watch group. FYI, CYCLISTS COME FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND RIDE IN MANY DIFFERENT AREAS OF CALIFORNIA!!!

  4. Alhambra resident:
    The “Lowlife Hoodlums from their Barrio” has nothing to do with your problem and the Bike Master Plan.

    If you are concerned about the safety of your property, I suggest you get involved and start a Neighborhood Watch group, talk to your neighbors, and take action talk to the Alhambra Police Department (which by the way also ride bikes.) Why would you allow “Pot smoking, lowlifes ruin your peace and tranquility.

    How can you consider bike riders “These types of people”? I don’t know what rock you just crawled from under from, but your problem has nothing to do with a Bike Master Plan.

    The Bike Master plans are becoming the norm for building vibrant healthy communities. It addresses several issues that include Public Safety for cyclist, pedestrians and even you the dreaded motorist (lol – just being sarcastic). It provides a cohesive plan for transportation and recreation. It’s good for students riding safely to and from school, great for traffic calming so business can flourish and it also promotes healthy communities – All in contrary to becoming the Barrio you are so scared of…

    Yes, I come from the Barrio, I ride the streets of the San Gabriel Valley, East Los Angeles, South Central LA, Beverly Hills, the South Bay, Mt. Wilson and beyond. We are not lowlifes on bikes, we are building and fostering healthy communities.

    I invite you to climb out of your sheltered life and LIVE, Ride a bike, come and explore what your community can become, all it takes is a short casual ride with a view from a bike seat.

    Carlos Morales
    “From The BARRIO”
    Founder of the EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB

  5. To the ‘Alhambra Resident’ this is just the first step in the process which I agree with. The article states that “initial discussions for the plan came about nearly one year ago”. Where have you been in the council meetings? Be just as active as the West San Gabriel Bike Coalition and the bicyclist.

  6. Great! Now there will be more lowlife hoodlums riding into my street from their barrio. My vehicle was scratched by pot-smoking, gangster lowlifes riding bicycles who like to loiter on residential streets near Main St. I took my car in to the body shop that confirmed the scratches were done by a bicycle bar. It will cost several thousand dollars to repaint. I also saw this bike gang standing curbside around cars and spitting on them for fun. Thanks bicycle activists for bringing these types of people into our city and calling it progressive or sustainable living. Residents here are angry and annoyed by these bicycle transients.

    1. Hmm, I think I know why his car was scratched.

    2. Angry Motorist 2

      Just the other day some jerk had the gall to hit my brand new car while it was parked at a local grocery store, leaving a huge dent in the passenger side door. My body shop told me it was another automobile, which leads me to believe the motorist must have been some local degenerate amped up on meth or some other drugs. I hope the City will stop building more parking spaces because the last thing we need is more lowlifes driving around town destroying people’s property.

      1. You must be a former councilman.

      2. Your SPIN on this does not change the FACTS. I actually had run ins with the perpetrators on bikes.

        Now how would you know about the dent on the “passenger side” door that is
        completely unrelated to the scratches that I mentioned.

  7. GREAT!Hopefully this will be done very soon & not take long “studying” it.