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Alhambra embraces her autumn roots – submitted photos

Last week we asked for your photos of Alhambra and so far we like what we're seeing.

The weather has been erratic lately, and now that we're entering spring, it's hard to remember a time when the skies were overcast and the leaves were changing their hue. Local photographer Ricardo Sanchez Jr. supplies us with a memento through these pictures splashed in grays and yellows.

These HDR images of Alhambra were sent to us by Sanchez. HDR images are multiple images of the same shot, covering a wide range of exposures that create a luminous photo. In Sanchez's rendering of the town, the skies have an ominous tone, but the setting is flush with vibrant hues, reminding us that the city is full of colors that we walk by everyday.

The Alhambra Source would still like to see more photos from local residents. HDR, film, digital, snapshots, camera photos, pinhole cameras—whatever method you use to take photos, we want to see them. Send your images to photo@alhambrasource.org

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2 thoughts on “Alhambra embraces her autumn roots – submitted photos”

  1. Seeing these photos is great, the Source should have a photostream on the home page
    with every week’s new photos posted up regularly

    1. That could work – actually, once we get more steam on the photo’s of the week, I’ll see what I can do about featuring everyone’s work.


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