Alhambra celebrates the Moon Festival this weekend

  • Paintings depict famous events in Chinese history for the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. All photos by Phoenix Tso.

  • A closeup of a family eating moon cakes.

  • The Moon Festival display at the Edwards Alhambra theater.

  • Secret messages were hidden in moon cakes during the Yuan Dynasty in an effort to overthrow Mongolian rulers.


Alhambra , CA United States

Chinese Legend has it that a woman named Chang’e became the goddess of immortality after she drank her husband’s immortality elixir and floated up to the moon. This is one of the reasons why the full moon is celebrated in Chinese culture during the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can learn about other aspects of this holiday, including the importance of moon cakes if you stop by the Edwards Alhambra theater, where Pinki Chen — who plans Alhambra’s popular lunar new year festival — has hung up paintings, signs and lanterns commemorating the Mid-Autumn Festival. This will culminate in a Moon Festival on 2nd Street, between Main Street and Commonwealth Avenue this Saturday and Sunday.

Check out the photos for a preview, with more information about the event here.

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