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Alhambra celebrates its veterans

Dozens of Alhambra veterans and their families and friends will pay tribute to the city's military dead on Friday at 11am at Almansor Park.

Last year's ceremony was marked by salutes, speeches, and shots in the air. Standing proud was Joe Abeyta, then 79, who served in the Marine Corps in the Korean War.

Photos by Albert Lu and Jeffrey Wang"I'm out here to represent the service I was in and my buddies," he said, adding, "Some died in Korea."

The turnout last year was on the older side. This concerned Alhambra's American Legion post commander, Richard Kelly. Membership, he said, used to be "more than 1,000. People were real patriotic." It's gone down to less than 400. "Young kids today," he said, are "more interested in X Box."

Joseph Salazar, who was 79 and also served in the Korean War, said that membership was needed so that the American Legion can continue to ensure that Congress supports veterans' interests.

After Friday's ceremony the American Legion will host a reception.

Are you a veteran from Alhambra? What are you proud of? What are your concerns? What would you like this community to remember today? Please share your story with a comment below or e-mail editor@alhambrasource.org.

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3 thoughts on “Alhambra celebrates its veterans”

  1. I really can't thank the brave men and women who have served for this country enough. But thank you! Thank you for all you've done. Hoped you all had a wonderful Veterans Day. 

  2. Veteran's day is important to remember because of the loss of life on all sides of the conflict. It's to remind us of the senseless nature of war and militarism as a means of settling conflict between nations. How our nation's young sacrificed at the prime of their lives  to preserve a way of life they had become accustomed to and how those who were lucky enough to returned have prospered however wounded by the emotional or physical scares of conflict. 


    Carlos C. Barrón
    USAF 1968-1972
    Vietnam, Veteran
    1968, 1970-1971



  3. I have been serving with the United States Army for 12 years now. 7 years in Germany and two deployments to Iraq. Serving is the best decision I have ever made. Happy Veterans Day!

    -Michael Anthony Orozco via Facebook

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