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Alhambra canines and their owners

You can’t walk your bird, or your pet turtle, or your goldfish. Just try putting a leash on a cat. No, your best friend is the dog – this old expression rings so loudly, because it’s true. Canines seem to wear a perpetual smile, their tales wag uncontrollably at the sound of their master’s voice and when nature calls, what other animal requires a walk around the block and the owner obeys?

This week, we salute not just the dog, but also the dog owners of Alhambra who carry bags to clean up after their best friends. We have a handful of dogs: Kealani the Siberian Husky whose owners won't let her on the ground; there's Carmelita with her Lab; Sheba and the American Staffordshire Terrier, Chloe, that she rescued.  

Alhambra has a number of parks, but no dog parks, forcing all canines to remain on leash. Are there enough dog lovers in Alhambra to validate a park specifically for canines? Chime in with your opinion or let your dog sit at the keyboard and see what he or she has to say.

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1 thought on “Alhambra canines and their owners”

  1. I’m all for it! I have been rescuing dogs for over thirty years and have always owned two at any time.I have to travel far to give them a chance chum around with their four legged brothers and sisters. I would support both in concept and funding a park for man’s, and a lot of women now, best friend in Alhambra.
    Pictures forth coming.

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