Adventure Time and magic at Gallery Nucleus


Gallery Nucleus

210 East Main Street
Alhambra , CA 91801 United States

A unicorn crossed Main Street, Alhambra to meet two dozen magical dogs and a boy with a felt hat and sword. This was the scene outside Gallery Nucleus on Saturday night for the opening of Oootopia: An artgebraic tribute to Adventure Time. A line of people dressed as characters from the animated series Adventure Time, a children's television show that appears on Cartoon Network, wrapped around the block.

Hundreds of fans gathered in costume at Gallery Nucleus for the Adventure Time Show | Photos by Nathan Solis

But it was adults who packed the gallery, decked in colorful costumes, smiling, joyful in the shared experience of art and make-believe.

"It really personifies imagination," said Gallery Nucleus owner Ben Zhu of the Adventure Time craze.

Last year, Gallery Nucleus held their first Adventure Time show and was flooded with fans, something that Zhu and the rest of the staff didn't expect.

"Since the first one, it's blown up a lot more," Zhu said. "The first time we did it, I don't think we realized how big it was. And now it's really become a lot more popular."

This year's show featured original art from fans of the show, as well as work from the show's creators.

A second exhibit, "Hansel and Gretel" by Junko Mizuno, was on display in the upstairs gallery. Mizuno was in attendance and was happy to sign copies of her magna for fans.

"She's just a sweetheart and whenever she has a show in L.A. I'm going to be there," said Stephanie Shaw, from Orange County, who stood out in the sea of colorfully attired Adventure Time fans with her black and lace outfit.

There was also a costume contest and two different types of punch — one for adults and one for kids — a sign of the show's diverse audience.

Perry Dixon Maple, an artist who created a poster featured in the show, said "I'm such a big fan of Adventure Time" that "even if I didn't have art in the show, I'd still be here."

"Oootopia: An Artgebraic tribute to Adventure Time" and "Hansel and Gretel by Junko Mizuno" will be on display until September 9. Gallery Nucleus, 210 East Main Street, Alhambra, California, 91801.

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