A poll worker tells us why it’s important to vote

Photo by flickr user Neon Tommy licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


Alhambra , CA United States

If you’re still wondering why you should vote, listen to Jailyne Cruz, 19, who is volunteering for the third time as a poll worker. “Your voice should be heard. Everyone’s voice should be heard,” she said. “It’s a democracy so everybody should be able to voice their opinion and what they feel like is right or what they want to see in the future for everyone else.”

Cruz started volunteering as a high school student in San Gabriel for extra credit. But after her first experience, she enjoyed getting to know the political process better and using what she learned the previous time around to help people vote. At the Emmaus Lutheran School, one of Alhambra’s polling locations, she helped voters drop off their vote-by-mail ballots and did some translation for those who only spoke Spanish.

Polls are open in California until 8 p.m. Find your polling station here and read our voter guide for more information on voting, candidates and ballot measures.

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