Stolen laptops from Alhambra health care office still missing

Two stolen laptops containing medical information on 729,000 San Gabriel Valley patients are still missing, according to the Alhambra Police Department. Detectives are searching for the laptops, which were stolen from an AHMC Healthcare office in Alhambra on Oct. 12. 

Police used surveillance video to identify and arrest Christopher Lee Brown on Oct. 23 at a homeless encampment on Valley Boulevard. The laptops were not in Brown's possession at the time of his arrest.

While the Alhambra Police Department encourages anyone who believes their medical records may have been compromised to check their credit report, Alhambra Sgt. Jerry Johnson said Tuesday there have been no reports of fraud related to the case. "We have no indication that the information on the computers has been accessed or used for illegal purposes," Johnson said.

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  1. Rashantha De Silva

    The big question not asked here is why is this Health Care Center not complying with HIPPA laws.

    This is the bigger problem.

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