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Sprouts to arrive in spring 2016 [Update]

More details about Sprouts have come to light. In July we reported that, contrary to some accounts, Sprouts had executed a lease in Alhambra. Now the Source has confirmed that the market will open at Alhambra Place on Main Street in spring of 2016. A specific date was not given. 
The information was provided by a spokesperson at Cornerstone Communications, which does communications work for the development. According to a press release by Shea Properties, the developers working on Alhambra Place, Sprouts angles itself as a “healthy grocery store” that focuses on “fresh produce.”
An earlier version of this piece said that a July 31 article had confirmed that Sprouts had executed a lease at Alhambra Place. This was incorrect, as this piece is the first time that we've reported and confirmed that Sprouts will arrive at Alhambra Place in spring of 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Sprouts to arrive in spring 2016 [Update]”

  1. Edit: Thanks for correcting the article.

    It sounds like the opening will be timed closer to the completion of the apartments being built just south. With 99 Ranch, Sprouts, and Lohas, it looks like many residents along Main and nearby will be covered without having to drive.

    Minor nitpick:
    The article quoted does not say a lease was executed at Alhambra Place:

    I can confirm that Sprouts has executed a lease in Alhambra and will be coming soon,” the representative wrote in an email. He added that an announcement of the “opening date and all other details will be provided at the end of this year.

    A spokesperson for the development’s communications firm told the Source that, currently, the only leases they can confirm are for Burlington Coat Factory, Maido, Blaze Pizza, The Habit, Bank of the West, and Clear Sight Optometry.

    Nonetheless this is good news.

    The PDF brochure from Shea Properties indicates a “specialty grocer” on the first floor, and Burlington on second floor where the old Mervyn’s used to be.

  2. OK, first of all this is great news. This article itself is quite confusing and my impression is that Sprouts is in fact coming to Alhambra Place.

    Please clarify this point.

    Edit: Thank you for the clarification. I and many others will be very happy to see this news. We will have 99 Ranch, Sprouts, Smart and Final and Lohas all within shouting distance of each other. There will no longer be any need to spend our money for groceries outside of this area.

    Spending my money locally is always my first choice if the product or service is here.

  3. Great news. You see guys, all we had to do was wait and see.

    No more crazy rumors from commenters please.

  4. Hallelujah!!! Finally we get confirmation! Anyone know where exactly it will be located?

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