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Sprouts rep says store is ‘coming soon’; Supermarkets a reflection of changing demographics

A representative from Sprouts Farmers Market's media relations department said that a store is coming to Alhambra in the near future. 
“I can confirm that Sprouts has executed a lease in Alhambra and will be coming soon,” the representative wrote in an email. He added that an announcement of the “opening date and all other details will be provided at the end of this year.”
The location of the store was not confirmed. In 2014, the Source obtained documents that showed a Sprouts store coming to the new Alhambra Place, which is currently under construction. A spokesperson for the development’s communications firm told the Source that, currently, the only leases they can confirm are for Burlington Coat Factory, Maido, Blaze Pizza, The Habit, Bank of the West, and Clear Sight Optometry. 
The 2014 document also showed a Cha for Tea at the Alhambra Place, but the Source was told that there are no indications that the boba store is coming.
For Alhambra, the arrival of a Sprouts is connected to a narrative of supermarkets and shifting demographics. Some residents have lamented that western markets are being replaced by Asian stores; the most recent case being the former Ralphs on Main Street, which is now a 99 Ranch Market. The change has resulted in some racially-charged tension.
“Longtime residents couldn't accept that demographic change had reached their grocery baskets,” wrote reporter Frank Shyong in Monday’s issue of the LA Times. “Immigrants and newcomers complained of xenophobia and racism in the opposition's protests.”
This divide has been evident in the comments section of the Source's articles on supermarkets. “I seriously think they are purposely trying to push out other groups out of Alhambra,” wrote one reader named “Tina,” who said that western markets were increasingly hard to find in Alhambra.
“Alhambra Source reader” responded by writing, “This has nothing to do with Asians vs Whites vs Latinos. It is just about money.”
This sentiment—that the issue is one born of business and money—was shared by some commenters on Shyong’s article. Regarding the departure of the Ralphs on Main Street, a reader named “cycleOn” noted that there’s another Ralphs store on Huntington Drive. “This is about the largest supermarket company in the US, Kroger (the company that owns Ralphs), making a very savvy business decision in choosing not to pay more in rent and consolidating its customer base into two or three other local branches of its market,” wrote cycleOn. 

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5 thoughts on “Sprouts rep says store is ‘coming soon’; Supermarkets a reflection of changing demographics”

  1. Regarding loss of western markets/growth of Asian markets in Alhambra, I don’t think it’s racially motivated when one thinks “too many Asian markets.” As a reader indicated, money is the driving force, although I do feel there are not enough western markets in Alhambra (food choices I prefer); lack of choices might be the key word. If I need Asian supplies, I’ll go to an Asian market, if I need western supplies I’ll go to a western market.

  2. Thank You for verifying Sprouts is still opening. At first I was really spectacle about Alhambra Place opening and wasn’t sure what kind of business it was actually going to bring. So far I’ve been pleasantly proven wrong. This is going to bring much needed jobs to the area and is really going to boost the economy. I hope all the business do well.

  3. Thanks for the update, I was really wondering what happened to Sprouts since it dropped off the news feeds about Alhambra Place. I was hoping it would open up in 2015 which doesn’t seem to be the case which is a bummer.

  4. Ok this is great news. Thank you Alhambra Source for clearing this issue up. My faith is restored. This is a fine piece of journalism.

    Now, its going to be a guessing game of exactly WHERE it will be located.

    I agree with John James, it really needs to be in the northeast. Hopefully there is room at the new Alhambra Place. According to Sprouts website, they need 28000 to 30000 sq ft for any new store.

    Interesting that we wont get any other details until end of year….so we will have to play the waiting game.

    Here is the “site criteria” directly from their website:

    Site Criteria

    100,000+ population within 10 minutes
    28,000 – 30,000 square foot store size
    Easy access with high traffic counts
    Minimum of 140+ parking spaces.
    150 – 180 foot store front.

  5. This is great news, but I have a feeling it will not be located in Alhambra Place. Burlington is going to take up 46k square feet. Now I’m starting to wonder where else there is in Alhambra that is vacant for a grocery store. The only idea that comes to mind is that piece of land at the corner of Commonwealth and Date, across from Costco. IMO, that would not be an ideal location since Albertsons is so close by as well as Costco.

    Wherever Sprouts opens, I hope it is in the northeast part of the city. We need something!

    On a related note, the Smart&Final on Main St has been super busy since Ralphs closed. In the evening the lines to check out are going up the middle of the store. They even added another check stand on wheels since Ralphs closed. A checker there told me business is WAY UP.

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