Slowing down for Interstate 10

[email protected]mbra are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

For anyone who has been stuck on the 10 Freeway — which stretches from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville, Florida — it's a bit difficult to appreciate, but high above it has its charms. Albert Lu went in search of a view and took home this image.

The photo: "I took this picture because in Alhambra there are very few places with a view. This bridge that goes over the 10 Freeway is always interesting to be at. I like to believe that as you're watching every car pass by, each one has a story."

The photographer: Albert Lu is Alhambra Source's go-to photographer on breaking events and tennis. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Albert is comfortable with covering local events and hopes one day to go into politics. Albert is an Alhambra Moors alum.

Albert Lu used a Nikon D40.

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