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Six hundred county office workers to replace Edwards theater **update


700 W Main Street
Alhambra , CA United States

The Edwards Cinema on Atlantic Boulevard and Main Street will – if all goes according to plan — soon be replaced with a large office building housing the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission. Sean Rogan, the executive director of the CDC, updated the Alhambra Source via e-mail about the status of the project. Let us know your thoughts, questions, or concerns are about the project.

How many people would work in the building?

Approximately 600 full-time employees will be based at the new facility.

Are you working with the city on issues to accommodate public transportation? If so, how?

Yes. The intersection of Main and Atlantic is serviced by dedicated bus lines at 18 minute intervals. Scheduled bus lines for the intersection also directly service the Gold Line Metro links.

What are the next steps for the Community Development Commission office building in Alhambra?

The property is now under contract. The six-month escrow period allows the agency to close on or before the 180th day. The escrow period will conclude with the approval of the project financing. The escrow period is currently in its “60 day due diligence.” Due diligence will include, but is not limited to, analysis of structural and environmental issues at the site. Upon successful close of escrow Regal Cinemas, the Seller, will retain possession of the property as a tenant for thirty days. Regal will shutter cinema operations and remove all agreed to equipment and property from the site during this period. Demolition will begin upon Regal vacating site.

Has a contractor been hired to construct the building? If not, what is the bidding process?

A developer for the financing structure was awarded the contract through an RFP completed in August of 2010.

What is the expected date of completion?

July 01, 2012.


The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that  a proposed model for the new CDC building be presented to the Alhambra City Council and Redevelopment Agency on Tuesday. The meeting will be at 5:30 pm. at the Alhambra Civic Center Library's Ruth C. Reese Hall.

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4 thoughts on “Six hundred county office workers to replace Edwards theater **update”

  1. The Enviromental Impact Reports for the new retail and condo high rises that will be built along Main Street indicated major grid lock at most of the key intersections in Alhambra as a result of the increased development. These serious traffic issues were ignored and the planned development is going ahead. At the time these reports were made there was no discussion of adding 500 more vehicles to the mix. The concerns of Alhambra residents about over development and traffic always come second to the developers and the incessant drive by City Hall to develop every square inch of Alhambra at the expense of the residents. I would like to see some of this development energy put into developing parks and bike paths that would improve the quality of life for the community. Is that too much to ask?

  2. Take a look at the Gateway Arch on Fremont and Valley if want to see the current style preferred by the City Manager,Julio Fuents. Here are some pictures and comments:

  3. That’s massive. I hope they add some interesting architectural details to make it look better than a shiny box. I’m surprised the county could not find a cheaper and more suitable location for an office building.

    1. “Boxy” buildings are Alhambra’s specialty. The City’s design and construction standards for architecture are to build them as “cheap and as quick as possible.”

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