Show us your tailpipes Alhambra!

[email protected]: Portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

Sometimes it’s a decal of Hello Kitty, other times a stick-figure family: In Alhambra the rear view of cars get gussied up like a teenager's high school locker.  Alhambra Source writer Jennifer Smith snapped this image of a primate smacked on the back of someone’s Honda.

What have you spotted on the backside of cars in Alhambra? We're working on a collection and are looking for images. Please be extra cautious when taking photos (wait for a stop light, make sure you’re not talking on the phone and eating a burger while driving. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and spot a museum of characters in a parking lot.)

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1 thought on “Show us your tailpipes Alhambra!”

  1. Yeah, even when stopped… try telling a cop you are just taking a photo with your phone. You are not supposed to use your phone inside your car with your hands unless you are completely pulled over, and parked. That includes taking a photo.

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