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Should 4th of July fireworks be banned in Alhambra?

Alhambra will soon be considering the future of 4th of July fireworks. During the most City Council recent meeting, resident Lola Armendariz told Council members, "I'd like to see us ban fireworks altogether here in our community."

Councilman Gary Yamauchi said that while he did not take a position on the matter, he believes that there is a need to bring the topic into consideration. "Enough people in Alhambra have brought it to my attention that I think it needs to be discussed in front of the public at a Council meeting," he said. No word yet on when the issue will be considered, but city officials stated that there would be representation by the police and fire departments, as well as organizations in charge of the firework booths when the discussion takes place.

We're interested in hearing from you. Do you think fireworks should be banned from 4th of July celebrations in Alhambra?

Should July 4th fireworks be made illegal in Alhambra?

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1 thought on “Should 4th of July fireworks be banned in Alhambra?”

  1. As somone who believes that government should stay out of our lives as much as possible, creating laws to protect us from each other is something that is necessary.

    I think personal use of fireworks should be banned to protect the responsible from the irresponsible.

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