Scammers target elderly Chinese women in Alhambra area

Alhambra Police Department released a warning on Facebook Tuesday of an ongoing scam occurring in the Alhambra area targeting elderly Chinese women.

The suspects work in a group of three or more. They approach elderly Chinese women as they walk down the street. One at a time, the suspects will approach the elderly victim and begin to talk to the victim about health issues concerning the victim or the victim’s family. The suspects offer a spiritual and medical “cleansing” to save the victim’s life or the life of the victim’s relative. In exchange for the “cleansing” the victim surrenders large amounts of cash and/or jewelry to be blessed. The suspects then flee with the cash and jewelry.

Multiple victims have been identified in Alhambra, San Gabriel, Los Angeles, and Temple City. Anyone with any information about these crimes is asked to call APD Detective John Lee at (626) 570-5158.

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