San Gabriel Valley elected officials react to government shutdown

Congresswoman Judy Chu joined President Barack Obama Tuesday in blaming House Republicans for the government shutdown that closed many federal agencies and furloughed as many as 800,000 federal employees. Chu — who represents Alhambra and much of the San Gabriel Valley — believes Republicans caused the Congressional stalemate by attempting to defund the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, healthcare reform introduced by the Obama administration.

“This is political brinksmanship at its worst. Republicans used the well-being of the American people as a bargaining chip," Chu said Tuesday in a press release. "Pay for military personnel and the families of fallen soldiers will stop until the shutdown ends. Loans from the Small Business Administration that help create new jobs all across America will be shut off, right when our economy needs them most. This is absolutely reckless behavior, and the American people deserve better.”

California Assemblyman Ed Chau (D-Alhambra) agreed. "It is unfortunate that a small group of members in Congress have made the arbitrary choice to shutdown government because they disagree with a healthcare law that was passed democratically and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court," Chau said in an email Wednesday. "It is my hope that this small group of congressmen will fulfill their primary responsibility of keeping the people’s government open rather than shutting it down, so that our constituents can continue receiving the services that are essential to their daily lives."

The shutdown began Tuesday after the Republican House of Representatives and Democratic Senate could not agree on a spending bill by Monday's midnight deadline. As a result, many government-funded agencies closed partially or completely, including the Small Business Administration, National Parks, and federally-funded museums. Additionally, the Department of Veterans Affairs will run out of money for pension checks if the shutdown continues into late October, according to USA Today.

Some federal agencies will stay open, such as the U.S. Postal Service, Social Security Administration, and Medicare. The government will also continue to provide immigration and border security, emergency and disaster assistance, and federal law enforcement, CBS Local reports.

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2 thoughts on “San Gabriel Valley elected officials react to government shutdown”

  1. @ Neito

    You can make the same case for Democrats, who is also DESTROYING our California State!

    Next time you see a terrorist, why don’t you do some investigative journalism yourself and find out how many are registered Democrats…

  2. Agree 100% with Congresswoman Chu and Assemblyman Chau. Why should we worry about “terrorism”, when we have Republican politicians as domestic terrorists, willing to bring down this country for their own political gains? President Lincoln once said “If this country will be DESTROYED, it will be from WITHIN!”…and it seems Republicans are now trying to destroy the country. (How ironic that Lincoln’s party is now spearheading the DESTRUCTION of the country. Are there still any SENSIBLE Republicans left?)

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