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San Gabriel parking tickets jump

San Gabriel parking ticket fees have jumped by 51% in the past 10 years, World Journal reports.  the amount charged in 2010/2011 fiscal year was more than $800,000, an increase of more than $300,000 over 10 years ago.

The Journal traces the rise in parking citation amounts to six years ago when the city outsourced its parking enforcement service to Inter-con Security Systems. San Gabriel Police Sergeant Rene Hernandez told the Source that the increase in citations is due to an increase in staffing. Before, only one officer was dedicated to parking enforcement while now three employees from Inter-con are assigned to it. 

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4 thoughts on “San Gabriel parking tickets jump”

  1. The worst is that in San Gabriel, even if you’re willing to *pay*, you can’t get a permit to park off-street unless you can show that you don’t have sufficient off-street parking. This means I’ve gotten a ton of parking tickets in front of my own house.

    They claim this is because of street cleaning, but that doesn’t make much sense because a) I rarely, if ever, notice that our street has been cleaned, and b) you can still get an overnight permit – you just have to prove that you lack sufficient off-street parking.

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  3. When you have private entities that takes a share of any enforcement revenue enforcing the law, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to expect a huge increase in enforcement. Welcome to the world of Robocop and red light camera operators.

  4. Yeah for parking tickets! Nothing makes our city better than enforcing every crazy rule in the parking system and then sticking it to our citizens! (/scarcasm)

    Alhambra has these same Inter-CON patrol people cruising around at 3AM enforcing the no overnight parking rule. One of our family members got a ticket even though they had purchased a valid overnight parking ticket but didn’t write their license plate number on the permit. $3 for the permit and $53 dollars for the ticket.

    Great way to fund the city…

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