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San Gabriel mayor resigns

San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang — who is charged with robbery, assault, and battery — resigned from the City Council Tuesday morning. “I’m confident that the truth will restore my innocence and reputation,” he said. The decision to step down, according to the L.A. Times, came after he saw a picture of his 3-½-year-old daughter on the Internet. “The unwanted media attention on this private occurrence has greatly affected my family,” he said. For the time being, Huang said, he needed to use “100% of my efforts to protect my family and to clear my name in court.” Huang left the press conference in tears, KPCC reported

Huang, who is separated from his wife, was arrested a little after 1a.m. on Friday morning following a public disagreement in a dumpling house with a female companion. The unidentified 33-year-old woman, who the Chinese press have reported was his girlfriend, threw a steamer of pork soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, at Huang. He ended up taking her purse and driving off in his SUV. The woman ran after him and jumped on the running board of the car, where she held on, with his knowledge according to the police report, even as he drove 45 miles an hour in a 25 mile-an-hour zone.

At the press conference at the Rosemead office of his lawyer, Daniel Deng, speakers emphasized Huang’s record of commitment to public service and pledged his reputation would be restored. Betty Mui, the widow of the city’s first Asian Mayor, said, “I know Albert.” Huang, a 35-year-old Taipei native, was tapped to replace Mui on the San Gabriel City Council when he died in 2006. Huang was reelected in 2007. Like the Alhambra City Council, members rotate as mayor. "Albert did a lot to accomplish what Chi left behind,” Mui said in an emotional response in which she lost her composure, according to the LA Times. “This is a great loss to the community. But it's just as good that he can now focus on his family."

Meanwhile, the Chinese-language press, which is following the story closely, continues to turn up new details. According to World Journal, the rumor goes that Huang’s companion owns a foot massage parlor and that he would take friends to his “girlfriend’s” parlor. Meanwhile, according to China Press, the criminal charges are only one of Huang’s problems. A group of Chinese American businessmen and developers, most of whom are former partners of Huang, have had a "financial dispute." They have hired a Chinese-American lawyer to represent them in civil charges to be filed against Huang. 

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2 thoughts on “San Gabriel mayor resigns”

  1. This guy should be in Jail… he’s just another low-life caught in the act and still denied it… what a stand-up guy!!

  2. Can’t let the Bell city council steal all the headlines now could we.

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