San Gabriel High grad tells "How I made it" as a car designer

The outlook was discouraging for Frank Saucedo when he was a teen at San Gabriel High School. Dyslexia got in the way of his studies, and as if that wasn't bad enough, he was tagged as a kid who was incurably shy.

"Who would have ever thought a kid from Alhambra, slightly dyslexic, struggled through school but had a passion for art and a passion for mechanical stuff, would end up giving a lecture at MIT?" Saucedo told the Los Angeles Times.

This week he was profiled as an example of "How I Made It" in the Times column about professional success. Saucedo serves as director at General Motor Co.'s Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood, a sort of funhouse where motorheads get to steer the course of car innovation.His journey started, according to the article, when, at the suggestion of a teacher at SGHS, he visited Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. There it dawned on him that a career could be made in building cars. He also realized that it wasn't just the physical construction of the cars that interested him, but also the conceptualizing of them.He later enrolled at Art Center, and upon graduation he took a leap of faith and went overseas to work at GM's Opel division in Europe. From Opel he went to Volkswagen. Then one day, approximately 11 years ago, he got a call to start up a design studio in Southern California.Not too shabby for someone who'd once lacked a sense of direction. 

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