Road rage incident starts in Alhambra, ends with shots fired in Pasadena

A motorist was met with gunfire when he confronted another driver who had been tailing him from Alhambra to Pasadena, reports Pasadena Now.
The motorist was an Alhambra resident in his 40s, according to the Pasadena Star-News. He was involved in a road rage incident with another driver while in Alhambra. When he drove away the other driver followed him into Pasadena. The motorist pulled over at the curb on the 100 block of Columbia Street. The other driver passed by, did a u-turn, and fired a number of shots at the motorist. The motorist did not sustain any injuries, said Lieutenant John Luna of the Pasadena Police Department. 
The suspect is described as a Latino man in his 40s driving a dark colored car, reports Pasadena Now.
Anyone with information can reach Pasadena police at 626-744-4501.

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