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Rick's on Main won't change despite new ownership

Rick’s Drive In & Out on Main Street is a big part of the collective memory of Alhambra High alumni. It had served as the prime, after-school hang out spot for decades.

As such, when Rick's was sold to a new owner last September, residents sent messages to the Source asking if the burger restaurant was closing down. So many new businesses have been cropping up on Main Street; it was only natural for locals to think that, maybe, Rick's would give way to a new establishment.

The Source interviewed Jenny Yam, the new owner, and her husband. They assured us that Rick’s isn't going anywhere, but may see some renovations in the near future.

The cashier counter and menu

“Nothing changed since we bought this restaurant. Same staff, same chefs, same recipes,” said Yam. Yam is an USC alumna who lives in San Gabriel. The previous owner, who was 83, put up Rick's for sale because he wanted to retire. “We saw the advertisement, then bought it from him,” said Yam.

The new owners intend to maintain the same diner-style charm of the restaurant, but will do some renovations to the decor and facilities. There may be some changes made to the benches, tables and chairs. The owners will also introduce some new items, such as iced tea and boba, to the menu to cater to the younger generation. The outdoor stageand the weekend performanceswill remain.

"We will keep the traditions at Rick's going," said Yam.Old photos of customers and residents hanging on the wall

Editor' note: The interview was translated from Chinese.

3 thoughts on “Rick's on Main won't change despite new ownership”

  1. I used to go there to have my breakfast and I love their coffee, it tastes very good. But since they changed the ownership, the coffee tastes terrible. I don’t go anymore but will give it a try if they could use better coffee.

  2. Thank you to the new owners; for keeping Rick’s as it was

  3. What year did Rick’s open for business?

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