Rice noodle protest

Can a rice noodle stay safe longer than a flour noodle? Local Chinese restaurants say that they can and that state-mandated refrigeration is unfair.

A 2010 state law requires that noodles, both rice and flour, can only be kept out of a refrigerator for four hours.

But local producers believe rice noodles can be kept out safely for more than 10 hours at room temperature. Manager Jinqi Zhou from Happy Harbor Restaurant in Rowland Heights told HKHeadline that high quality rice noodles are kept under room temperature in the Chinese city of Canton, where the termperature is hotter, he said.

“As lawmakers, we need to balance the public health with cultural sensitivity to the diversity of food preparation practices, such as Asian Rice Noodles,” Assemblyman Mike Eng, whose district includes Alhambra, said.  “It would be an undue burden to any community if we singled out their culinary practices and imposed regulations that can cause harm to the quality of life within that community.”

Eng will be holding a press conference about the issue in Monterey Park on Friday.

Local vendors and restaurants are currently pursuing an extension on the storage time of Asian rice noodles. The Asian Pacific Islander Affairs Select Committee will convene a public hearing on the effect of this legislation.

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