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Results from the Alhambra Source's Measure M/Gold Line shuttle polls

The vast majority of those who responded to our polls on recent local and county-wide transportation measures were in support of both of them.

Thirteen people responded to our poll on Measure M, which would institute a half-cent sales tax increase to fund public transit projects in Los Angeles County, and then continue another half-cent sales tax increase from Measure R, which is set to expire in 2039. Of those who responded to the poll, 11 were in favor of it, one not in favor, and one who selected “not sure.”

Eighty-three people responded to our poll on a proposed new ACT line, which is short for Alhambra Community Transit, and would provide shuttle service for Alhambra residents to the South Pasadena Gold Line stop. Seventy-six respondents (or over 90 percent of those who participated) favored the project, while four opposed it and three answered “not sure.”

Despite the fact that Alhambra does not fall on any Metro line, and was not included in the recent Gold Line expansion, residents who responded to the Measure M poll were in favor of the proposed half-cent increase.

Measure M poll results

“The more options there are for not having to use cars and build more freeways (e.g., 710), the better,” wrote Oscar Amaro. 

William Fang, the lone respondent to oppose Measure M, expressed concern that Alhambra would not get anything out of this tax increase. “Sales tax is already high and I've never seen Alhambra benefit from transit projects in the past 30 years,” he wrote.

Other respondents favored the measure, but specified that Alhambra should somehow benefit from any Metro expansion, with some proposing a shuttle service to the Gold Line. During the Sept. 12, 2016 Alhambra City Council meeting, members head a presentation on a shuttle service proposal that would take Alhambra residents to the Gold Line stop in South Pasadena.

ACT shuttle poll results

Like Councilmember Steven Placido, a commenter suggested that the proposed shuttle line serve residents who live near Valley Boulevard in the southern portion of Alhambra, along with the city council’s proposal of having the bus route run through the Main Street area. 

“I would certainly support [this], should the line include the entire length of Valley Blvd from somewhere near New Ave to Fremont on the west side and north on Fremont to Huntington or farther north,” commented Bill Moran.

Another commenter, Nick, suggested that the ACT line also run to the Gold Line in East L.A. “This is a great idea, and I hope they don't just go north to South Pasadena but south to the East L.A. Atlantic Metro stop as well,” he wrote. “This route will allow travel to East L.A. College, the southern Gold Line stops, as well as encouraging people to come north to Alhambra for shopping and entertainment—all for a quarter!”

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