Recycling and bicycling: Shots of navigating Alhambra on two wheels

Picture Alhambra: Portraits of the City of Alhambra and its people.

When a bicyclist rides through Alhambra he has two options: avoid traffic or break the law and ride on the sidewalk.

We’ve covered the issue on numerous occasions, but there’s no avoiding it – bicycling in Alhambra is challenging. Last month the city authorized a request for a bike plan, the first step in sizing up the city for bike routes. Until that changes, the “Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley” remains without a bike lane and warning signs prohibit cyclists from riding on sidewalks – though it rarely stops them.

Along Main Street. | By Nathan Solis

The photos: The main photo was shot from the hip – I didn’t want to scare the man on his bike, because it looked like he was carrying a load of cans to recycle, so I snapped the shot without bringing the camera to my eye. The second image I made it obvious that I was taking a picture and the cyclist wasn't having any of that.

The photographer: Nathan Solis acts as your photo curator for Picture Alhambra and hopes that one day there will be bike lanes in Alhambra.

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