Recognize this intersection?

In a blog post about new LAPD jaywalking penalties, Southern California Public Radio posted this image of a busy intersection from 1930s Alhambra.

The LA Public Library photo archive, where the image comes from, provides the following information: "The Alhambra Police Dept. monitors a crosswalk. As a demonstration of pedestrian safety, a woman with a baby carriage is shown crossing. A Western Auto Supply store and the Alhambra Auto Electric store are across the street."

What's the intersection though? And does anyone know anything else about the image?

2 thoughts on “Recognize this intersection?”

  1. I think you definitely deserve a prize! Now what do you think it should be? An Alhambra Source t-shirt ;), gift certificate to Diner on Main?

  2. This is a view of the northwest corner of 2nd and Main Street where Alhambra’s former City Hall (the white building upper left) was once located. “The Diner on Main” now occupies the City Hall site. This photo was taken looking north.

    For more “Then and Now” photos of ol’ Alhambra, visit:

    Do I get a prize?

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