Readers talk bikes and trucks

Bikes and trucks were on the minds of Alhambra Source readers this month. Readers supported the idea of a bike plan in the city while others believed it wouldn’t have any affect on cyclists’ safety. South Pasadena City Council also created debate among readers after announcing a plan that would divert traffic through neighboring cities by closing a truck route on Fremont.

During a November City Council meeting, City Manager Julio Fuentes said Alhambra’s dense population would be a challenge in implementing a bike plan. Readers questioned this idea, saying that creating safe bike lanes would have an overall positive affect on the city. “In Amsterdam, I saw hundreds (if not thousands) of bikes all over the city. With mixed-use and multi-unit structures all over the place, I found many people using their bikes as part of their daily routine,” wrote John Gacis.

Reader "yesl" disagreed. “Alhambras dense population is a huge factor,” yesl wrote. “The DMV, city and local schools need to do better with bicycle awareness. Its hard to imagine the city installing proper bicycle lanes. The streets are narrow and in very poor condition. Get the street surface repaved first.”

Another reader, commenting on an older Source story published in July about residents gathering in support of cycling, questioned how much a bike plan would really help the city. “I'm well aware of the benefits of bike lanes,” wrote Tommy Wilson-O’Brien, “but they won't make a damn bit of difference here in Alhambra. Drivers here just don't care about anything but their own personal agenda…I wish all the bike riders luck with this but you're naive if you thing a bike lane will make it safer!!”

“Tommy's observations are, at least in my anecdotal experience, correct,” wrote Robert Kim. “No amount of ‘sharrows’ or bicycle lanes will help until all of us become better educated as drivers and cyclists and learn to share.”

In another transportation story, some readers criticized South Pasadena City Council’s plan to remove the truck route on Fremont Avenue between Huntington Drive and Alhambra Road, a move that would decrease South Pasadena’s traffic by diverting through Alhambra. “Equity would strongly suggest that South Pasadena should not be allowed to shift traffic to other routes that more heavily burden neighboring communities,” posted "neighbor". “I do not support South Pas. making a change with major impacts without notice and a reasonable opportunity for other affected communities to weigh-in.”

“I'm sick of South Pas and its NIMBY politics that have forced excessive traffic on Alhambra,” wrote Charles Pevey. “Let's bulldoze Meridian and finally finish the 710.”

However, a few didn’t see the harm in closing the route. “South Pasadena is visionary,” wrote "From the south end". “The City of Alhambra (e.g., its political "leadership") has always sacrificed its citizens and neighborhoods in favor of business with mixed results. South Pasadena has valued its communities and residents which has made it an enviable place to live. Alhambra's traffic problems are as a result of over-population/over-development and its scattershot approach to building.”

“I don't understand what this means for Alhambra traffic, I see trucks on a daily basis using Frement travelling north & south at all times of the morning, day, evening,” agreed Richard. 

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