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Readers talk bike lanes and mourn the loss of the Edwards Atlantic Palace

Michael Lawrence’s story about the steps Alhambra needs to take to become a more bike-friendly city got readers buzzing this week, with many calling for a safer environment for cyclists. Another story about the Edwards Atlantic Palace being demolished, written by Nathan Solis back in February, gained a renewed popularity in light of the theater’s closure this week. Many readers reminisced about their own experiences at Alhambra’s historic theater.

The city’s openness to creating bike lanes won approval by readers, but many were still disappointed with the slow progress. “The City of Alhambra has taken a partial step in the right direction,” wrote Carlos Morales, founder of the Eastside Bike Club.  “What Alhambra COMPLETLY MISSED is posting signage…Simple signs stating ‘Share the Road’ and ‘Give Cyclist 3 Feet’ will be a step in the right direction to educating motorists.”

One reader commented on Alhambra’s attitude towards not just cyclists but pedestrians. “I'm glad that Mayor Yamauchi has an open mind regarding bike lanes in Alhambra,” commented Ruff#72, “but disappointed that he and other city council members blames bike riders for not following traffic rules, but the reality is with city-government resistance to bikers, bikers end up having to do whatever they can to survive traffic – traffic that in large part was created by over development & forgetting bikers & pedestrains (Alhambra is DEFINATELY NOT A PEDESTRAIN FRIENDLY CITY, I would say it is "ANTI-PEDETRAIN, ANTI-BIKE).”

“I don't think you are making a legit argument when you say that this city is not pedestrian friendly and is somehow ANTI-pedestrian and ANTI-biking,” replied Adam Bray-Ali. “We have miles of sidewalks, good crossing guards near schools and lots of safety features. Bicycles are prohibited from ALL sidewalks in the city. The reality is that if you want to ride a bicycle in Alhambra you can very easily do it in a safe and fun manner…Unless you back up your claims with some real-world examples it is hard to take your argument seriously.”

Solis’s story about the movie theater also gained a lot of comments the past week, most in response to his update asking readers to comment about the last movie they saw there.

“This is the theatre where I saw 'The Matrix' for the first time, to a packed theatre, and where I saw the first trailer for 'Fellowship of the Ring,'” John commented. “I will always remember that and now I will always remember the last film I saw there, 'Let Me In'. I am sad to see this place go but with the Renaissance open just a few blocks down I figure it was hard to stay open with an old format theatre (e.g. not stadium seating).”

Lisa Stephan was also sad to see the theater go. “Wow, I was there on Sunday June 12th!! I saw Hannah with my husband,” she wrote. “I grew up in Alhambra and I remember seeing movies here as a kid… Im sad to see it go! I had NO IDEA it would close SOO soon afterwards!! R.I.P Edwards!!”

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