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Readers speak out on proposed Almansor parking structure

The Source reported on April 30 about a proposed parking structure at Almansor Park. In the article we also embedded a survey for gathering readers’ opinions about the possible project. We have received 142 responses to date. 86 percent of responders considered the project as unnecessary, versus 14 percent of responders who think there is a need for a parking structure. Many readers left their comments on the article and the Source's Facebook page, claiming they are local residents and are against this project for a variety of reasons. So far we have not received comments that were in favor of the structure. 

Some readers questioned the funding source of the construction. Sean McMorris commented, “The money the city wants to use to build this structure is federal Community Development Block Grant money, and that money is supposed to be used to benefit low-to-moderate-income people, not people who come from outside of the neighborhood who may not even qualify for CDBG money.”

Alex Rivest echoed McMorris’ opinion and said, “Like the famous 'Bridge to Nowhere' in Alaska as a sign for bad government and wasteful spending, I call this the ‘Parking Structure for Nobody’."

Readers also requested that the city do a thorough survey before making a decision on the parking structure. A reader identified as "Ming" wrote, “If the City plans to go ahead with the plan to turn the park into a mini-Angels Stadium, it should first conduct a thorough and scientific study of the need.”

Some residents gave suggestions for alternatives, a reader identifying herself as "Susan" said, “Build the parking lot structure between the YMCA and the Golf Course on Corto St. Building it there it will not be an eyesore.” And Tom Williams said one of the alternatives is “to make arrangement with Costco/Target/Other within a few block south of the Park to have a shuttle bus (ACT) for some days.”

On April 30, Director of Administrative Services Christopher Paulson said that the proposal was still under review and that no new information was available. 

The Alhambra Source encourages comment on our stories. However, we do not vet comments for accuracy or endorse links to posts in the comment section. The thoughts and opinions expressed belong solely to the author of the comment.

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3 thoughts on “Readers speak out on proposed Almansor parking structure”

  1. With 86% opposing that parking structure, I can bet you the city council will allow it to be built there. I saw a meeting of the city council when first, Mayor Messina said this is “not a done deal and they (council) have not even discussed it”, then I saw the next city council when councilman Placido indicated “they were now studying the possibility”…so it seems, as usual city council will try to hoodwink the public and allow that monstrosity to be built.Let’s face it the city council is in the pocket of developers and will bend backwards to appease them, instead of taking care of Alhambra residents.

  2. Linda Trevillian

    I cannot remember visiting ANY community park ANYWHERE (and that includes New York, Boston, Atlanta, Albuquerque, and Los Angeles County) that has a PARKING STRUCTURE. The obvious reason is that there is NO NEED for one! That’s the #1 reason that the Alhambra City Council is way out of line for making this proposal. The second – and very obvious – reason is that the funds the council wishes to tap are clearly designated to benefit the citizens who have the greatest need for such things as AFFORDABLE housing, schools, enhancements in our city parks, etc. A parking structure in Almansor Park will do NOTHING to achieve that goal. Our city council has a long history of ignoring the citizens who elect the members to serve THEM. The council seems to operate like an elite, membership-only club, and that’s very, very wrong. This is not the first project that’s been wrong for the city. Take a stroll down Main St. between Atlantic and Garfield, where the pricey condominium structures are built way too close to the street and offer no acceptable outdoor areas. Remember that besides being too expensive for most city residents, local laws mandate that the units be open to families with children. Where are they supposed to PLAY!?!?! Where can families enjoy outdoor dining when the weather permits? If the city council wishes to do something for these citizens – as well as ALL of the city’s residents – it should find ways to build affordable housing and other needs that Sean McMorris mentioned in the article above and to make our city parks more enjoyable, NOT diminish the size of Almansor Park by building a totally-unnecessary parking structure. If you agree, join the rapidly-expanding group of residents who will fight this proposal until we win! And, in the coming election, study the City Council candidates’ ideas and vote for someone who truly wants to serve the city.

  3. I am glad the Alhambra Source is covering this story. Many of us go to every City Council meeting to voice our concerns about this parking structure and to plead with the City not to build something the people are against and with federal money that should be used to benefit the poor and struggling in society.

    We have provided the city with statistics, petitions, scientific studies that back our statements, and we have repeatedly reached out to Council members to meet with us and work with us. Yet, they have not responded in kind, and when we speak at City Council meetings, many on the City Council smirk, laugh, shake their heads, ignore us by talking to each other or looking at their phones, and then they have the audacity to say we have our facts wrong without providing us with evidence to back such an ad hominem assertion.

    The City repeatedly dodges answering the hard questions by saying “no final decisions have been made yet on the parking structure.” But they have not publically stated that they will NOT build the parking structure, and they have refused to answer why CDBG money will be used on such a project. They have also yet to provide the public with evidence that suggests the need or community support for such a project that will not only reduce park green space, but also destroy park assets, increase traffic, pollution, noise, illicit activities, and lower housing values in the area.

    The City should use CDBG money to repair the lawn bowling green it destroyed. More importantly, it should use it to provide adult schooling, ESL and job training programs, affordable housing, youth counseling, programs for the homeless, and public transit. That is what CDBG money is meant to be used for, not pet projects that will fatten contractors pockets and benefit people outside of the neighborhood who do not qualify for CDBG money.

    I think it’s safe to assume that of the survey’s 19 or so votes FOR the parking structure, 6 of them are City Council members and the City Manager—none of whom live across the street from where they are proposing to build this monstrosity. Shame.