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Readers oppose "710 Day"

Alhambra officials have proclaimed July 10 "710 Day," a celebration of their efforts to close the gap between the 710 and 210 freeways. The city will hold a family festival that day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the arch park at Fremont Avenue and Valley Boulevard, including informational booths, activities, and live entertainment. 

Alhambra Source asked readers: How do you plan to spend July 10, 2013? Out of 243 votes, 14 percent were in favor of the celebration and "710 Day," compared with 76 percent were in opposition to the festival and the city's attempts to close the gap (results pictured above). In comments on our poll, stories, and Facebook page, many readers also disagreed with the city's position that a tunnel between the freeways will improve congestion, safety, and the environment. Read what they had to say below.


[View the story “What do you think of “710 Day”?” on Storify]

What do you think about "710 Day"?

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11 thoughts on “Readers oppose "710 Day"”

  1. Look people… The only fools against having the 710 closure are those who will be benefitting from keeping it unfinished. Metro? Trains? What kind of joke is it. Aren’t those the same jokers who wasted billions of dollars in a inefficient system to start. Southern California in general is too scatter for any mass transit to work 100% effectively. We’re not New York or Hong Kong. Most if not all their buildings are high rise. We need better freeway system and road system. Perhaps, get rid of any Metro plans and spend the money more wisely to increase the lanes on all freeways. Have more underground and overhead roads/freeways. It’ll fix congestion. Face reality and oppose all those who thinks closing the 710 isn’t a good idea. As for the reason why Alhambra wants this done is because the city council wants the traffic out of their city which is being dumped onto like it’s garbage. Most people who lives around Alhambra can easily take the 10 from the 710 to exit out into the city. The 710 opening as it is now is intended for people around the surrounding cities that are too selfish to have their share of traffic hell and pollution caused by their own residents.

  2. Went to the event, had a good time, bought the T-shirt! Enjoyed the perfect choice of band, “Drive”, performing Cars cover tunes; made me smile.

    I’m very happy that Alhambra is making a strong push to close the 710 gap, and publicizing and celebrating its efforts to do so. I am an Alhambra resident, and I always vote for Alhambra candidates that avow their support for completing the 210. I have been a strong supporter of closing the 710 gap since around 1980. We need this!

    It makes me mad and frustrated that an entire new freeway, the 105, was built in recent memory, yet the 710 freeway gap has been fought over since long before the 105 was started. *sigh*

    CLOSE THE 710 GAP!!!

  3. Alhambra Resident

    I support closing the 710 gap.

    Nothing but ranting and raving here with anti-710 supporters. Went to the event today and more than 100 people were there, with many still coming and leaving. There were several anti-710 folks trying to engage in discussions with people. For the most part, people who attended the event SUPPORTED the 710 gap closure.

    Whether its a tunnel or light-rail or whatever, something WILL BE DONE to address our growing community and traffic.

  4. Stupid idea. Information booths? We have had information about how stupid the idea of “extending”, “building” the 710 for years! No to more traffic ,more pollution and the destruction of communities! What a monumental waste of money.

  5. I’m appalled that our city leaders are ready to destroy an Alhambra neighborhood for this effort and to reduce quality of air and life throughout other Alhambra neighborhoods. They’re selling out their own constituents. And using our tax money to force their agenda on July 10. What poor leadership!

    1. As a resident of Alhambra, I am completely offended that the city is spending a penny on this [completely useless] “event”. What we need is better public transportation, and not a dangerous tunnel that will move tons of trucks from the ports of LA UNDERGROUND… Can you imagine if we have a truck accident in a tunnel, like the one that happened on the 60 freeway this morning??

      1. Alhambra Resident

        Thanks for pointing out those concerns Gary Lee. That’s why Metro and other agencies are looking at those issues. Trucks come from the ports, there are also many inter-regional trucks as well. What is “better” public transportation to you as our population grows?

  6. How about an option of “I agree with the concept but cannot attend because I have stuff to do during the day?”

  7. It is a stupid idea, at a stupid location, on a stupid day, and at a stupid time – are they planning to have no one come??

    But how about the fact that Monterey and El Sereno get another PR rant about the 710 Alternatives in July but NOT ALHAMBRA – Don’t we qualify??

    Request that Luis Ayala get the Metro’s PR to come to the Fremont School say on 16th/25th July, so Westmont, Balzac, Charnworth, and Front residents can find out what Alhambra City Council is pushing for our backyards – IT/710 ain’t pretty and peaceful…for sure.

  8. Don Draper in a dress

    P.S. Very nice use of Storify in the comments.

  9. Don Draper in a dress

    Nose dive!