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Readers comment on pedestrian safety, Alhambra's first Asian police chief

Alhambra Source readers shared concern about pedestrian safety after the death of 17-year-old Bo Feng, the young girl who was hit by a car on New Ave and Shorb Street. A reader also found inspiration from Alhambra’s new police chief.

Feng’s friends and family launched a movement to make the corner where she was killed safer for Alhambra residents. Readers wrote that they felt the city had failed to act regarding unsafe intersections and that drivers were not taking enough precautions.

“Good luck at getting ANY stop sign or crosswalk in alhambra,” wrote christine. “[A]lhambra hates pedestrians…the traffic is insane and uncontrolled. public works just snarls and will study it, waiting for more pedestrian hits i would guess, not a thinking out of the box department or a pro active department.”

One reader connected the accidents not to city council but to race. “The drivers in Alhambra/San Gabriel area are the worst I've EVER seen,” wrote Jennifer Lynn. “I work here, and it's like taking your life in your hands driving thru this city. Most of the people that live here are Chinese immigrants…It's actually suprising more people aren't killed on a daily basis. Sad ending for this little girl. My condolences to her friends and family.”

In contrast to the backlash against the city regarding pedestrian safety, new leadership in the police department was welcomed. Mark Yokoyama, Alhambra's new police chief, started in June and is the first Asian-American to hold the position.

Jonathan Vo was inspired by Chief Yokoyama’s story. “Being an Asian American myself,” he commented, “and majoring in Criminal Justice here at ASU and being from Cypress, CA i found your article very inspiring and motivating. It made me realize how rare it is especially for Asian Americans to pursue a career in Law Enforcement and makes me want to strive to work even harder to become someone like Chief Mark Yokoyama!”

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1 thought on “Readers comment on pedestrian safety, Alhambra's first Asian police chief”

  1. Jennifer Lynn = Disgruntled Ang Moh. Gweilo, etc.
    I drive thru Alhambra frequently. Perphaps what is bothering Jennifer is the vehicle (frabrique aux Germany ie MBZ or BMW) that the “immigrants” are driving rather than the way they drive. My take is driving habits are no different than what one would find in South OC or the Westside.

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